Francesco Lenzi – Harmony & Trees


Francesco Lenzi

“Harmony & Trees”

Sucu Music is very happy to release ‘Harmony and Trees’, a work by Francesco Lenzi, a guitarist from Arezzo, Tuscany, whose musical offering he himself calls ‘sober psychedelia.’ Well, if you’ve thought so far there can’t possibly be any psychedelic music without mind-fucking substances, we think you will have to reconsider it all after listening to this superb work.
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Wings of an Angel – Meet Some Potential Candidates To Join MGTOW

[Self Release ]

Wings of an Angel

“Meet Some Potential Candidates To Join MGTOW”

What is this infamously renowned cultural phenomena of men going their own way? Why do they go their own way and where to do they go on their own? Is this a dream or a reality of many men? And what about the women? Are they to go their own way as well? Or perhaps their way oft times merges with the way of the men?

This LP doesn’t necessarily answer any of these questions because it also goes astray on its own way upon each renewed listening… But perhaps it will open a door of perception or give out a clue…

I will just add a quick note that is self-evident to me, but oft sounds ridiculous to others (others who have the tendency of taking themselves and their creative output in an unfathomably grave manner): I think that we, as artists or something along those lines, are like clowns or better yet buffoons – in the best sense of these words. In my perception, art cannot exist separately of humor. Usually – the more, the merrier. And I feel that similarly to psychotherapists, we are at best profoundly reflective entertainers in this multilayered Kabuki theater people call human life. Thus, in my eyes, at all costs, even at the price of great personal concessions, we have to strive towards the greatest freedom; that is often times, like life itself by the way, is a heart-key-punch or rather a merciless smack to the index of the mind. Far-away from any kind of dogma – be it religious (atheism incl.) or spiritual, cultural, academic, artistic etc’.

At night,
I escape from Truth in zealous vigor!
Whereas human beings act in the name of Truth,
I surround myself with Divine Lies.

May The Supreme Drone Accompany You To Your Greatest Adventure!

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André Darius & Paul Mimlitsch – Renga


André Darius & Paul Mimlitsch


New release on Plus Timbre
André Darius – electric upright bass, voice
Paul Mimlitsch – bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet
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Outsider Leisure – Division By Zero


Outsider Leisure

“Division By Zero”

01-8Bit Trip(3:56)
02-Cедьмая Печать(3:14)
04-Nasrat na Lico (Letoff)(5:22)
06-Panic Attack(2:56)
08-Свинцовый Танец(2:54)
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Darius Ciuta – ti​-​rj


Darius Ciuta


Darius Ciuta and his shortwave radio explorations with the title “ti-rj”
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abjective – overmind




the future is now. technologies conquer the world. but some things do not change: without the human factor music is just sound, only elastic waves of mechanical vibrations.

OVERMIN[D] – the fourth album by abjective – the perfect mix of the human mind and modular analog sequencers. it is music on the verge of human reason and the entrance into the void.

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Various Artists – Oompa Loopma Riot

Various Artists

“Oompa Loopma Riot”

From 1979 to 1983, the Australian Terse Tapes label made cassette compilations. These are in danger of becoming “classics”, a complete betrayal of the energy that made them. There is no better antidote to cloying nostalgia than the corpse getting up and refusing the funeral.

So instead say that from 1979 to 2015, Terse Tapes made compilations, and here is more of the same. You could put it on a cassette if that matters.

I invited a few people I know, and they invited a few people they know, and music started to arrive in my inbox. I refused to listen to any of it until April Fools day. No one curated anything, although some people were nice enough to chase up their friends.

Having heard this music over the last 24 hours I can divide it into some useful ‘sides’, but keep in mind you are able to arrange it however you like in this non-linear wonderland in which we are trapped.

Side A: people who have doubts about music.
Side B: people who do not fear a pretty tune.
Side C: people that make graphs and grids.
Side D: people who could plausibly perform in a public ale house
Side T: time lords

Although supplied for no payment, there are specific rights attached to the recordings, which remain the property of the artists. Do not sell this music for a profit, do not use this music for any commercial purpose, including but not limited to, placement alongside advertisements or behind paywalls.
released 01 April 2015

Organised by Tom Ellard at Terse Tapes, Sydney, Australia. Contents made in the USA, UK, Canada, Switzerland, Australia and other parts of the universe that man may visit from time to time. May contain nuts.

Pen Parker – Grammar


Pen Parker


02-Beginning 9-43 pm(00:31)
03-Remove The Sound(00:32)
04-Morning At 20 Degrees(00:33)
05-0.5 Milliseconds(00:53)
06-88. Q Grammar(2:42)

V.A. – Girls Alive



“Girls Alive”

Just a few days away from the conmemoration and annual women’s celebration for their rights’ equity, from the sky falls the new compilation from Modismo label, entitled “Girls Alive”, which draws together music composers and producers of mystical will who explore, amuse and spruce up with a free-download musical offering. It is, indeed, a spectrum of very well achieved and diverse sonorous pieces.
Loaded with defying finesse and neatness these musicians embalm the air via their wavy machinery. There is wisdom behind this musical trip’s jolliest passages. And life, a lot of life in the fertile sequences of this work which, all through its eclectic extent, masterfully demonstrates how to balance experimentation and gamble with a sublime and deferential treatment to the ear. Maybe it is an ancestral and female secret the power music has to interconnect us. But the more you plunge in “Girls Alive”, the more assured you are that this secret is hidden in good hands.
From and towards the most lulling and deep unto the most stimulating and intriguing that this new release from the netlabel Modismo delivers us we cannot do anything but smile and be thankful for each one of the female presences around us, chiefly when they decide to unite and give strenght, love and music.

01 – Riz Maslen – Pleiades – UK
02 – Chra – kw23territoriesdel-grain – Austria
03 – Ema Remedi – Break – Uruguay
04 – Alisú – Las aventuras del Sr. Tomita – Chile
05 – AGF – If you – Germany
06 – Laura Hurt & Salo Panik – Patrie Arkham – France
07 – Kinética – Frontera – Chile
08 – Sonae – Pianokratz – Germany
09 – Riz Maslen – Your War – UK

Hank the Think Thank – HAnK222


Hank the Think Thank


Hank the Think Thank

HAnK222 [0kbps085]

01 – iHank
02 – fr0zzenn Frzzn
03 – Chhubbyy BBW
04 – po-poPPe fRRancis
05 – C_Am!Am0 (With Laika Facsimile)
06 – no_thin-wronG
07 – Hel0 VeN!ce

MAV [0kbps] Records, March 2015

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