Wings of an Angel – In The Slaughter Fields Of My Fragile Human Heart


Wings of an Angel

“In The Slaughter Fields Of My Fragile Human Heart”

Drums and Trumpets Please… Here Comes My Purity Sacrifice: A Kaddish For The Allegedly Innocent Art Criminal…
“Haunting, beautiful, tortured, inspiring, soulful, avant-garde, and emotionally moving. At times intertwining these qualities, at other times expressing them selfishly.”

Klaus Marten – In A Dream

Klaus Marten

“In A Dream”

I think I finally figured out the point of my own music: I want it to be like those tapes from the movie “V/H/S”, where you just find some random fucked-up tape and watch it and you’re just like “who made this? Where did it come from? How was this even made??!” Anyway, here is some music I made. Enjoy.

VA – The Light Side Of The Blue



“The Light Side Of The Blue”

“The Light Side Of The Blue” is a sequel to “Wordless” compiliation, which is the result of the creative colaboration between Southern City‘s Lab Label and producer Hank Hobson in search of talented electronic stage musicians. However, contrasting the previous work executed in gloomily vast tones of ambient and glitch, the compilation offers a wide range of styles from jungle and jazzstep to Berlin school. The sequence of tracks is developed in a way that turns it into a novel, written with sounds and tunes. Into a fantastic story where the main character, finding it no more possible to bear his daily routine and seeking seclusion, runs away towards the sea…to another planet.

It all starts with the surrealistic absurd of Mutafory Lili telling with their both comic and psychodelic track about the daily life of our protagonist, where if you listen closely you can realise that he is about to break down. Then the action is transferred to the cosmoport, where Pk jazz Collective, toying with the new wave, is singing a song of mourn and sorrow, maybe even of the lost love. Lost radiance are painting admirable soundscapes, showing all the beauty of the deep space. Finally the duo of Sexyalien & Hank Hobson ($IMDC) is depicting some difficulties during the flight of the spaceship.

After that we are setting off for an automobile ride consisting of three chapters: crazy races across the megapolis by Hobotek, a ride along the highway in tune with jazz by Sobrio and the last few kilometers along the rough coast by Eva Shlegel.

And here comes the seclusion, where being alone with the self, nature and darkish atmosphere, perfectly rendered by SandSpace & lost-radio, D-lity & Amaranth will tell a story about the long-desired evening at the seaside.

Paolo Sanna OKRA Percussion Project – Green Laya Conference


Paolo Sanna OKRA Percussion Project

“Green Laya Conference”

We feel happy and honored that our fourth release and the last for 2014 is from Paolo Sanna and his OKRA percussion project.
“Green Laya Conference”
Igor N. Pusceddu, Giacomo Salis, Paolo Sanna: Gongs ( Feng Lwo, Chaw Lwo) Tam Tam, Vietnamese tuned set gongs, Prepared drum set, Waterphone, Angklungs, Percussions, Sound Objects.

10Konekt – Optik



New release from 10Konekt!
french circuit bent duo.
just listen.

Paulo Chagas – Live Solo


Paulo Chagas

“Live Solo”

Paulo Chagas: alto saxophone and sopranino clarinet
Recorded live at Arco Studio, Cagliari, October 13, 2014
Concert produced by Trespassing association and il Crogiuolo

North Noise – North Noise


North Noise

“North Noise”

01-Whale’s Bones(2:42)
02-North Noise(4:33)
03-300 White Trucks(4:10)
04-Kansko Lake(5:59)
05-Technical Moment(2:47)
06-Western Beach(6:47)
07-Exit From Harbour(3:45)

Plasterdog & Smartfish – Pindaric Ep


Plasterdog & Smartfish

“Pindaric Ep”

Plasterdog & Smartfish
Pindaric Ep
(experimental, techno)
Stato Elettrico

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Klaus Marten – Honey

Klaus Marten


My latest release, contains some interestingly cohesive instrumental music, ranging from shoegaze to noise to surf to wild guitar solos and back again.

Campo – Cuero, bosta y vaca


“Cuero, bosta y vaca”

JPG_ Percusión / Sintes / Bass
Wauro_ Gtr / Sintes / Bass

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