Darren McClure – Into Action


Darren McClure

“Into Action”

Darren McClure utilizes processed field recordings and software generated sound to create music that focusses on the small details within the larger structure. Originally from Northern Ireland and currently living in Matsumoto, Japan, he has released material on labels such as Oblast, Rain Music, Test-tube, Cherry Music, Standard-Klik-Music, Zymogen, Magic Book and Factotum Arts.
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Cyril Bondi: floortom, objects
Phonotopy: cracked electronics

:Floortom vs hard-drives:
An electronic/percussion versus, acoustic glitches and digital chants, textures layering in an intense monothematic soundscape.

Cyril Bondi is involved since many years into active improvisation, as a member of diatribes among others and co-founder of theInsub Meta Orchestra, he’s multiplying collaborations and projects with his particular approach to be a drummer

Yann Leguay aka Phonotopy, is focused on everything around solid memory and sound materiality: from installations to the performance , passing by music and records edition (ArtKillArt , Phonotopy, Consumer Waste). By transforming hard-drive in a 7200 RPM turntable, he offers an update of turntablism.

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TRIGGER – the fire throws



“the fire throws”

Chris Heenan: contrabass clarinet
Matthias Müller: trombone
Nils Ostendorf: trumpet

The Berlin-based improvising wind trio Trigger was formed in 2009 and works on creating a unitary sound of discrete sonic layers. Through the use of multiphonics, circular breathing, and other extended techniques, Trigger forges a music of gradual depth with sudden shifts in texture and mood. The current direction of the trio is long continuous masses of sound and utilizing site-specific resonances of performance spaces.

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Beringher – Burst Noise



“Burst Noise”

Beringher – Burst Noise

4 tracks for idm, experimetal, noise, drone.

Track list:

1.After Touch
2.Blue Noise
3.Solo Noise
4.Sweep Mode

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ATABEY – la jagua ep



“la jagua ep”

atabey is back with his new dubtechno ep on insectorama.
chords, echos, delays, reverbs all the good thinks for a great summer day. incl. 4 remixes from bjorn rohde,tantricman and markus masuhr.

1.atabey – la jagua
2.atabey – dicayagua
3.atabey – jungle forest
4.atabey – la jagua [bjorn rohde remix]
5.atabey – la jagua [tantricman remix]
6.atabey – dicayagua [markus masuhr reshape reduktion]
7.atabey – jungle forest [markus masuhr variance edit]

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piacente & de angelis – merodeadores del hielo


piacente & de angelis

“merodeadores del hielo”

piacente & de angelis are an experimental electronic and pop duo from mar del plata, argentina who began creating music together in 1996. they have released eight albums as tapes, cds and net releases. the mysterious mauro de angelis is a writer and musician. pablo piacente is a poet, journalist and musician. with their music they try to describe a constantly changing universe.

on their first album for pan y rosas, piacente & de angelis employ loops, beats, synths, samples, guitar, processing and poetry to create their version of pop music. cut up scatter beats, ghost singing and break beat electro-psych turn into a chill out travel narrative with noises, cinema ambience and spoken word.

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Jenseits – Liquid Skies



“Liquid Skies”

Inspired to the cult movie of the years 80 “Liquid Sky”, Jenseits gives to us this excellent musical work with a strong aesthetical punk, wave and post-punk character. A meticulous work of musical avant-garde full of vocal samplings, some taken by the original movie audio and some from the Italian audio, as well as quite a lot loop taken from official the original soundtracks. Full lenght Jenseits’s Liquid Skies video on Net Video page.
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mule cartoon


Nick Z-gibarian

“mule cartoon”

Nick Z-gibarian is an experimental electronic sound, avant-garde art-designer from Antarctica. All tracks for the “mule cartoon” album were originally recorded on analogue handmade synth (made in 1982) and two tape recorders. The style of this project can be called as x-perimental minimal (or like this – not danceable sound mutations). The general theme of this album is inspired by scientific works in the field of molecular researches and certainly, there is a lot of irony. The video “mule cartoon und la antena mix” is available at Net Video page.
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htrspltn – all your flowers have blossomed for me EP



“all your flowers have blossomed for me EP”

htrspltn returns to Dystopiaq with another chilled out release filled with dark atmospheres and abstract beats.

Artist: htrspltn
Title: all your flowers have blossomed for me EP
Release: dystopiaq031
Date: May 29, 2012
Genre: Abstract, Hip-Hop, Illbient
Permalink: http://dystopiaq.com/?p=350

01 like an animal
02 don’t rush
03 our antennas run into the sky
04 what’s in the box?
05 thought throbs
06 sheinrock – motion (htrspltn rmx)
07 sheinrock – sin (htrspltn rmx)
08 hack the system (bonus experiment)

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Ars Sonor & M.Nomized – Thoughts About Afterlife


Ars Sonor & M.Nomized

“Thoughts About Afterlife”

Be excited for this one. Short and downright beautiful, two of my favorite musicians have joined forces for a wonderful and urgent piece of ambient IDM industrial brilliance. We have Ars Sonor, who has released on Effluvia many many times, and I am happy to say that she has a wonderful ability to create powerful collaborative efforts as well as her very personal and deep solo works. She executes excellently a great philosophy where working with other artists are concerned. Like blue and yellow merging to create green, she mixes her work with other artists perfectly, creating something unique to the styles of each artist respectively. Though M.Nomized, her present collaborator, deserves equal praise, for his music, while always electronic with great rhythms and also wonderful experiments with ambiance, is very malleable and hard to place, which is why his wonderfully crafted sounds work well in collaborative work as well. Enough said, the two were meant to work together, and this piece (and its very unique and radical remix) is a manifestation of fine mastering to create something that I can say comfortably is flawless. Ars Sonor’s art is certainly a cathartic breed of music. Always using very emotional synth ambiance and samples with great rhythm. All this moves about in great time while M.Nomized adds a great and ecstatic layer of dynamic with beats that just incapacitate you. Such an excellently attentive piece. And I can say safely that the work of M.N in this piece can definitely be responsible largely for the sweeps of feeling and otherworldy sounds as well. Really a versatile musician who has that fiery passion that I’m happy to say is bustling all over the place.

Franz Rosati – Fields II


Franz Rosati

“Fields II”

Coarse and edgy. The second part of the sound research of Rosati developed in “Fields 2”, leaves the heart deeply flayed with games of frequencies, saturated with love and rebellion. Enter in mind with the violence of expressivity and composition that characterizes the Roman artist, vacating the hearing through a sort of “ear cleaning” process, that opens the mind and leads to a meditative listening.
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yosoyunotrotú – Supranaturalis




yosoyunotrotu new effort is a collaboration of three artists: quetzal contla |mexico| & krzysztof polaczenko |poland| & manuel escamilla |mexico|. this time project was inspired by the supernatural, strange activities of world and human. again music was made by showing no boundaries. every track is a story with different mood and genere. concept of each song was modified by all project members, trio fully worked on a whole album. we hope to invite more and more artists to next project works.
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Nikoretti – Bubble Gum EP



“Bubble Gum EP”

Artist: Nikoretti
Title: Bubble Gum EP
Catalog#: deepx182
Format: File, MP3, EP, 320 kbps
Released: 01 Jun 2012
Style: Tech House, Minimal Techno

01. Nikoretti – Something (Original Mix) (7:29)
02. Nikoretti – Bubble Gum (Original Mix) (7:11)
03. Nikoretti – Lemmiwinks! (Original Mix) (6:38)

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Textural Being – En ce moment…


Textural Being

“En ce moment…”

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Gumbel – 8bit Love Machine



“8-bit Love Machine”

01-8-bit Love Machine(3:54)
03-El Siniestro Y La Velóz(2:54)
05-Killing Bosses(4:04)
06-Fortsetzung Folgt(4:12)
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Glowbug – Suit of swords


“Suit of swords”

Suit of Swords” is an album that I present to you entirely free of charge. However, if you enjoy this record and you would like to support Glowbug there is a very simple but incredibly important way for you to do that. Take a few minutes, seconds even, and share it with someone else. Post it on your wall, tweet it, tumble it, send it, like it, blog it, or burn it to a disk and give it away. It’s a completely free way for you to support the art that you like with a few simple clicks.




“Coat Rack EP”

International dub Netlabel DubCombe Records comes back into the spotlight with its second release.
Italian dub producer MILDTAPE [from Turin] delivers an intricately deep and dark fusion of dub echos
with spacey ambient sonorities, perfectly matched with DubCombe’s underground style.
The 4 tracks EP [2 original mixes + 2 dub versions] will be available in FREE DOWNLOAD from the 1st of June 2012.


mixed and dubbed at Dubomatic Mix Room, Italy
flute by Toti Canzoneri
released by Dubcombe Records, 2012
graphics by Mathias Geoffroy

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Knolios – Melanin

Sean Archibald – Sean but not Heard

electronic, contemporary music, dance


Sean Archibald

“Sean but not Heard”

Sean is bringing xenharmonic bass back. But leave your expectations at the door because this record is a whole different vibe from the artist’s previous work. Here, spacious and ambient-influenced sounds fuse with odd-metered grooves and field recordings. On the electronics side, most of the album was produced under the limitation of just 2 synths and a bunch of drum machines.

A decidedly experimental trip through electronic dance music land, but from the words of Sean Archibald this is “the kind of record I thought about making for a long time – that is all.”

High-resolution liner notes and cover artwork were included for those who love something to read while they listen.

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ulf kramer – hohle phrasen / leere worthülsen


ulf kramer

“hohle phrasen / leere worthülsen”

01. ulf kramer – milfreis [7:15]
02. ulf kramer – rohopium [6:36]
03. ulf kramer – schwarze galle [6:19]
04. ulf kramer – compulsive neurosis [4:58]
05. ulf kramer – toxisch bedingte halluzination [6:56]
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the brainhole – 2332

the brainhole


01.Nothing(feels like)
04.Aimless Drifting
05.The Reverend Ascends
07.Feed Me
09.Detoured Furore Tofu
10.Against Us
11.Liquid Spice
12.Spectre of Albionthe brainhole is Krzysztof Kłubo and Dawid Portaszrecorded between 2003-2010 at entropy studio London

additional drum programming on Against Us – David Skiba
vocal sample on Against Us – Russel Raisey
guitar sample on Escxhaton – Ivan Ckonjevic
spoken word on Escxhaton – Bevin Fagan
additional drums on Aimless Drifting – Ricori Ginsei
electric bass on Aimless Drifting – Tim Shireman
mastered by Jacek Milaszewski & Krzysztof Kłubo

Substak – Good Mood Special mix for http://soundshiva.net



“Good Mood Special mix for soundshiva.net”

1.Cassique – Body&Soul [Supafeed 011]

2.Lee Trax – Untitled Deep House [RB08]

3.Dayz&Knite – My Brother’s Know(Superloader’s Remix) [Supafeed 013]

4.Martin Von Der Rolle – Im Scheuen Rehlein In Schweinau [PROZENT030]

5.No Sense – Money Blues [TUP008]

6.Luftschmiede – From Chicago [DAST039]

Weatherglass – Contractions For Ophelia



“Contractions For Ophelia”

Linear Obsessional Recordings is delighted to release an album by the English experimental musician Weatherglass-

“Much of the music on Contractions for Ophelia was used as background to the birth of Weatherglass’s grand-daughter, hence the title. All the music originated on acoustic instruments, including plucked and bowed acoustic guitar, lapsteel guitar, harmonium, accordion, dulcimer and found objects. Cornwall and Sykes Reservoir feature as special environmental guests, and vocals were supplied by various waterfowl and a budgie.” – Weatherglass 2012

Recorded and Played by Weatherglass
Download comes with PDF booklet of notes and images by Weatherglass

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Saito Koji – Again


Saito Koji


After a short break in May we start this month with another wonderful release by Saito Koji.

Similar as his former RB-release “Guide” “Again” consists of eight tracks, each 3 minutes long. And also the music hits a similar tone. Droning, distorted and dense guitar tones are swirling around. Every piece contains a short melodic loop, presented in a very uncommon lenth. But the pieces are so compact and dense that you don’t need a 30-minute repeating loop.

I strongly recommend headphones for a proper listening experience. And then just hit the repeat button.

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Substak – Die Reise



“Die Reise”


1.Bjorn Rohde – The Dream[Multi-Tap Records]
2.Fabian Schinzel – Waves[GTakt025]
3.Giriu Dvasios – Grynas[CTR022]
4.Slownoise – Dark Matters[CTR024]
5.IMG02 – Nomos 751(Blue Mix) [Insectorama051]
6.Narcotic 303 – Psychoakustik[GTakt011]
7.J.Gekko – A Short Train((My Brain hurts rmx)[eden.deeply]
8.Idealist – Defective Unit I[Broque081]
9.Klartraum – Desoliert[did-001]
10.Luftschmiede – Rum & Roland[DAST037]

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