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10 years of tonAtom

but be assured: this is not a sentimental retrospective. it is an actualization and refinement of the tonAtom sound for today and the next ten years.

tonAtom artists from the whole “decAde” (2002 – 2012) contributed to an interim report on a label still in progress. from ambient via electronica to uptempo electro and house this release is just a transit station.

so stop over at the anniversary celebration and then let’s be curious about what happens next in this wonderful parallel universe of netaudio.

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Sahin Laselle – Solar System EP


Sahin Laselle

“Solar System EP”

Smells like beach party, eh? Sahin Laselle presents his summer soundtrack just in time.

You will get pushed through three great clubtracks combining oldschool Electro with trancy atmospheres and funked rhythms. Theme Fe will give you the chance to chillax and calm down on his breakbeat interpretation of Laselles “Solar System”.

01. Sahin Laselle – Orange Sunrise Theory
02. Sahin Laselle – Solar System
03. Sahin Laselle – Black Moon
04. Sahin Laselle – Solar System (Theme Fe Rework)

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iky iky / Bird Paradigma – What About Future? ….


iky iky / Bird Paradigma

“What About Future? Elements Of Informal Thought”

Deep in the recesses of the underground is work so evocative that the review by the youthful noise enthusiast and ambient connoisseur could not hope to articulate it. Perhaps I can help bring light to where these sounds might be coming from and why they deserve your time and ears, but words cannot touch the language of true art with soul, just as a soul cannot be touched by the flesh and yet needs the body to be anything more than the change of vapid stone through unseen time. If you listen closely to this collaboration between iky iky and Bird Paradigma, then you will enjoy the luxury of listening to a language that you cannot speak, and yet you can understand. The speaker of the language can evoke emotions within your breast and communicate a message that all deep listeners can share in a vague sort of approximate way, but yet nobody who bears witness knows where the utterance roots from. You have never heard such phonation, and yet it moves you like a poem in your native mother tongue. I say this to extenuate my main point about this album, which I try to convey pettily with meager teenage english; this album is pure poetry, plain and simple. Abstract but with underlying form, as if listening to a language you do not understand. And yet, one does not need to understand the language proclaimed by an operatic maestro. The love and anxiety in such a song helplessly spews forth. the love and anxiety of one of my heroes iky iky (Laetitia Schteinberg) is an expertly crafted language that forces its way into our ears so ardently as to overwhelm us. An artist deeply tormented by the powers that be, her immense soundscapes will move you and put you on parallel with her most personal emotions, tortured and yet beautiful. We share in the sonic temple of her solace and contemplate life within her poetic sound stylings, so vocal and so mysterious like foreign tongue. And then there is Bird Paradigma, and the work of this aloof artist is equally emotional and artistic. Using a palette of sounds that makes the language uttered here a difficult one for many to listen to, but the care put into every solid millisecond of this incredibly astounding piece of unique sound makes it an impenetrable listen that will grow more and more impossible to understand with each listen (I’ve already listened to it three times). So please, listen to this.

Federico Monti – at052


Federico Monti


We are glad to receive the work by Federico Monti, who delivers this album named after it’s catalogue number on Audiotalaia. At052 brings with it interesting sound spaces and scenes teared apart from pure tones and sinusoidal waves.

I seems that Monti has decided to confront wide sound spaces through the use of mid-to-high frequencies exploring its textural possibilities and grains. Doing so, this argentinian artist living in Barcelona presents an ambient work full of delicate sound structures that seem to travel across certain emptiness.

At052 its an aesthetical exercise on very high frequencies, an attempt to demonstrate that beauty can be found on extreme frequencies without entering the realm of sound bearability.

Its impossible not to trace some connectors with the work of Oriol Rosell, even though is necessary to say that this connection might be just because of the use of high frequencies. If Rosell explores compositional aspects related to silence or time, Monti explores a more aesthetical approach to those high frequencies, which seen like that, opens a big gap between the two proposals and tearing apart any possible conceptual connection between the two oeuvres.

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Le Perche Oreille – Triton À 5 Pattes


Le Perche Oreille

“Triton À 5 Pattes”

Newcomer on Pavillon36 Recordings, Le Perche Oreille is a french producer influenced by IDM, Drill & Bass or abstract sounds. His first album was released on Fresh Poulp Records in late 2010. Now he’s back with this new EP where he gives the best of himself… So just listen to it & you will understand how Le Perche Oreille is accurate and powerful! :) Enjoy & share it as a virus!
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Giuliano Rodrigues – Inside Of Your Hand


Giuliano Rodrigues

“Inside Of Your Hand”

The Brazilian Giuliano Rodrigues looks back on a discography, which is rich in moments of brilliance.
Also the new album is a cornucopia of musical ideas. During the play time of 32 minutes you can not hear any sagging.
Always it stays exciting. “Inside Of Your Hand” is an album that embraced you from the first until the last minute.

All files are in a quality of 320 kbit/s and are ready for the (free) download. MP3s, Cover and “all inclusive” ZIP-package are available here or on: http://www.garganrecords.com

Artist: Giuliano Rodrigues
Album: Inside Of Your Hand
Release Date: 2012-06-17
Genre: Tech House / Progressive House
Label: Garganrecords
Catalog#: gargan067
Type: EP


(01) Inside Of Your Hand (Original Mix) 10:22
(02) Pages (Original Mix) 10:03
(03) Halluzinogen (Original Mix) 11:00

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ACL – The New Myself



“The New Myself”

ACL is back once again with his soothing approach to the electronic genre. His latest album contains twelve awesome tracks all with the coherency and style you would expect from him. Prepare to be pleased!
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Miranda Shvangiradze – Talk to Me EP


Miranda Shvangiradze

“Talk to Me EP”

We are pleased to present Miranda Shvangiradze with her debut release on the VKRS Netlabel. Talk to Me is a four track ep of instrumental piano compositions flavored with electronica.

Miranda is originally from Georgia (Eastern Europe), but now resides in the USA. Her music is influenced by Mozart, Chopin, Georgian folk and many contemporary artists like Imogen Heap, Roykssopp, Coldplay, and Katie Melua.

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Sauce – Strengthen The Weak Hands, and Make Firm the Feeble Knees



“Strengthen The Weak Hands, and Make Firm the Feeble Knees”

Sauce’s premiere release for the Electronica 4 God netlabel is a delightfully glitchy soundscape seasoned with melodies from a far away land. The melodies flow overtop the deep bass and bounce in between the glitchy atmosphere.

Isa 35:3 Strengthen the weak hands, and make firm the feeble knees.

Label: Electronica 4 God
Release Number: e4g016

Copyright: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License

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Naked Polly – In a cat’s dream


Naked Polly

“In a cat’s dream”

Naked Polly returns to No-Source with “In a cat’s dream.” The five songs on this EP were recorded prior to Oscar’s debut album. The sounds on “In a cat’s dream” are very similar to “A day in a night.” The difference is in the more acoustic sound found on the EP, not to mention Spanish lyrics. The songwriting and elements on psych are still there. The first three tracks sit nicely next to each other with their indie acoustic tones. “Fragil(e)” is the EP’s lonely instrumental. The album closes with “Nunca más”, a track that leads the listener out with acoustic guitar, piano, tambourine, and a touch of electric guitar.
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Sergi Boal – Nylon & Turtle


Sergi Boal

“Nylon & Turtle”

Sergi Boal (from Barcelona) is an accomplished classical guitarist. No-Source and Acustronica are pleased to bring you his debut album, “Nylon & Turtle”. This album contains nine original compositions that solely focus on Boal’s acoustic guitar playing. Plucking and strumming fight for dominance in each of these dynamic tracks. Boal is quoted as saying that he is influenced in some way by the music of Baden Powell, Brad Meldauh, Radiohead, and Jose Gonzalez. Tracks like “Yorke (to Thom Yorke), directly reference Radiohead, While “Is there anybody out there?” might be a nod to the Pink Floyd track of the same name. Cover and design by Josep Maria Poch / Elisa Llorens. Photo by Isabella Antonelli. This release is a joint release with the wonderful Acustronica.
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Mainmatic – My Life EP



“My Life EP”

Label: Deep-X Recordings
Catalog#: deepx184
Format: 3 x File, MP3, EP, 320 kbps
Country: Russia
Released: 14 Jun 2012
Genre: Electronic
Style: Tech House, Minimal

01 – My Life (5:09)
02 – The Tunnel (5:07)
03 – Time Is Gone (4:47)

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Alex Charles – Trevenec


Alex Charles


Linear Obsessional is delighted to release a new and delightfully single-minded EP from Alex Charles (whose “Hourse” was an early “hit” for Linear Obsessional). “Trevenec” follows the sound of single bell, repeating and feeding in on itself until more and more levels are added as other sounds and voice enter the mix, gradually accreting into a richly textured and dense drone.
This 15 minute live piece comes with a PDF version of Alex Charles’ inspirational self-published pamphlet “Making Money in a Post MP3 World” (now out of print) which was originally given away at Alex’s gigs….
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alexis storm – The Storm


alexis storm

“The Storm”

To be berliner.
The brand new release by Alexis Storm, “From A to Z”, could not offer us better vibes.
Each tracks traces moods and suggestions.
The single that gives the title to the record goes from an initial tension, through an engaging minimal sound, reaching scathing moments.
The work results complex and dense given the 8 tracks present. This is the reason why we can state that the producer from Gravina, beyond having reached a high maturity, lives a moment of equilibrium and inspiration very significant for the Italian indie scene.
Sky and Sand.
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Buskerdroid vs Microman – RAW!RAW!RAW!


Buskerdroid vs Microman


The new record released by Sostanze Records overturns the 8 bit duo Buskerdroid and Microman. The power of the tracks is a show made up of sound images, characterized by a dogging and unexpected rhythm.
After a long work looking for a precise technique and a style that excited the Rome eletronic music scene, the duo has reached the leadership for its gender.
All tracks are composed and played with one Gameboy DMG01 running Lsdj software, there’s no VST or samples, no preset loops, no extra effects or post production. It’s just the Gameboy’s audio chip, screaming out loud. RAW RAW RAW is a release Sostanze Records is proud to publish, carrying forward the idea according to which expertise and quality can move freely on the web without dialing the numbers of your prepaid cards, realizing the dream of every music lover and above all spreading a positive message in a context nowadays more and more slave of the commercial logics. Top players.
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Wild Places


The X-Structure

“Wild Places”

We have always had our suspicions about The X-Structure, them being a wild bunch, especially that Starrzan fellow, and now with their new album, Wild Places, they have proven our suspicions to be spot on.

This wildness they speak of is not something reckless or uncontrolled, but rather something of a deeper, inherit nature that was purposed before the begining of time. Sound deep enough? Wait till you hear the deep basslines played by the one known as Epic, Epic Beard. The deep grooves will touch the depths of your soul while being accompanied by a procession of oscillating arpeggiotic chaotic ordered dissonant melodies that runs with it like a cool summer’s breeze and lightens up the dark sky with rays of pure glorious light. Well it’s something like that at least.

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Alexey Blohin – Emotions


Alexey Blohin

” Emotions”

Alexey Blohin – Emotions

Release date 15.06.2012 on the Lemon Cloud net label

Artist: Alexey Blohin
Country: Россия.Москва
Title: Emotions( Original )
Genre: Progressive House
Quality: 320 Kbp’s
Format: mp3
Time: 4:48
Size: 11,0 МБ

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Substak – VKRSDJ008




An Ethereal Dub Techno journey from VKRS DJ Substak.

Substak DJ set


1.Zizz – Mind Expansion – Deepindub – did-071

2.The Serial Numbers – Breeze – Doppt Zykkler – dz011

3.River – Dub & Fly – monoKraK – monoKrak119

4.Atabey – La jagua(bjorn rohde remix) – Insectorama – Insectorama052

5.Atabey – Jungle Forest – Insectorama – Insectorama052

6.Basicnoise – The Evergreen Forest – Klangschleife – KSFT001

7.Haarspalter – Morgengrau – Gleichtakt – GTakt026

8.Werner Niedermeier – Sub Culture(praktika remix) – Broque – brq83

9.Luftschmiede – Bird People – Dast Net – dast043

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The Hand in the Ocean – we fished all night and caught the day

The Hand in the Ocean

“we fished all night and caught the day”

Released 30 May 2012
Performed by Nate Tapling, Jordan Evans and Jeremy Dulac.
Produced by Jared Lucas.
Artwork by Justin Penna.

Darkbox – Logue




The roots of his sound are in black music and avant-garde electronic music and the result of such things as different is to generate music whit a “dark” matrix with unusual implications from a funk attitude.

Track list:

4.Dead Dogs

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Art Electronix – Irrational Object


Art Electronix

“Irrational Object”

01-Trax on Wax(2:31)
02-Small Mushrom Dance(4:20)
03-Strange Caustic(2:43)
04-Empty Hope(3:36)
05-Daft Funk(2:22)
06-Irrational Object(27:53)
07-Skipper Space(5:06)
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CEDE – Songs For Rumi



“Songs For Rumi”

01-First For Rumi(2:12)
02-The Second For Rumi(4:36)
03-Third Track For Rumi(2:12)
04-An Indication For The Number Four Rumi(5:56)
05-For Whom – For Rumi(5:20)
06-Sixth Track For Rumi(3:46)
07-The Seventh Track For Rumi(4:58)
08-The Eighth Track To Rumi(5:58)
09-Ninth Track For Rumi(5:40)
10-Tenth Afterpiece For Rumi(1:40)
11-For The Eleventh Poem Of Rumi(1:46)
12-Twelfth Ode Rumi(2:48)
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the human grizzly – folk songs from an urban tundra


the human grizzly

“folk songs from an urban tundra”

dissonant reverse folk

Automassage – Saxophone EP



“Saxophone EP”

Automassage: The preference for poorly controlled distortions, mumbled vocals, stomach turning basses, crackling noisy ambience and lo-fi in general. That might sound all very funny, loose and airy, but the massagists simply just can’t change the overly sophisticated way they are, and after painful serious processes of composing, deconstructing and evaluating, they puzzle out complex musical structures.
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The Serial Numbers – Secuancias Binarias


The Serial Numbers

“Secuancias Binarias “

Doppt Zykkler 011
Artist: The Serial Numbers
Styles: ( Melodic, ambient, techno)
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Subterrestrial – Night Music



“Night Music”

Subterrestrial’s Summer of Chill kicks off with “Night Music”. Two long form ambient pieces inspired by the night, but not dark or foreboding. Alone but not lonely, these sounds will keep you company on cool summer nights of quiet contemplation.
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Todern Malking – Original Molotov EP


Todern Malking

“Original Molotov EP”

Artist….: Todern Malking
Title….: Original Molotov EP
Label….: DAST Net Recordings
Catalog#….: DAST042
Medium….: 4 x File / EP
Playtime….: 29min 36sec
Format….: WAVE
Quality….: (1411 kBit/s / Original Master Files)
Mastering…: Mèrge Audio Works
Country….: Germany
Released….: 04 Jun 2012
Genre….: Electronic
Style….: Techno, Retro
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