PSYKOXXX – Dee mon

NKS prod 122


“Dee mon”

10 trax album – ogg 350 zip + mp3 320 + full stream
out 2013/09/29

“Psykoxxx is Batard Tronique’s hard & dark drum’n’bass project.
His 3rd album on NKS shows us how his music is getting better and better. We can hear some old dnb vibes mixed with new style : heavier, darker, with more breaks inside. Enough variations in each track & from 1 track to another, not to be bored with repetition, as some can be with dnb. 3 trax made with his friend Z, 1 remixed by Porion, clean production as usual.
High level dnb free album for sure. Enjoy & share Deemon’s good vibes.”
Otto Psy [NKS International]

Yimino – The Tide Reveals Your Bones



“The Tide Reveals Your Bones”

If you’re a follower of the Kahvi facebook page, you’ll know that we love this particular artist and the works of art they create. So I’m extremely happy to present the latest EP from the one and only Yimino!

If you’re a fan of Boards of Canada (if you aren’t why not?) then you’ll recognise some of the qualities from two of the tracks (Joseph and the title track). Sentimental atonal keys in the traditional Boards of Canada style, sweeping analogue warmth and melancholic feelings.

Check out Yiminos latest album Throwing Shade for more fantastic tracks on Bandcamp.

Track of choice has to be Baby BC3’s Ascent with its progression, curious choice of samples used for the percussion and subtle pads and epic bass.

Mike Cooper and Yan-Chiu Leung – Right (H)ear Side by Side


Mike Cooper and Yan-Chiu Leung

“Right (H)ear Side by Side”

Linear Obsessional is delighted to release this exciting collaboration between the great British maverick slide guitarist Mike Cooper and the Chinese Sheng virtuoso Yan-Chiu Leung.

“We had never met each other before this concert. We had exchanged a few mp3s to give each other an idea of what musical oceans we both float in and then attempted to navigate our way together by free improvisation toward some distant shore. I think we arrived at a beautiful island together finally. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did. Many special thanx to Yang Yeung, Alice Wong, Yuk Mui Law, Edwin Lo and to everyone who came on the Lamma Island soundwalk”
-Mike Cooper July 2013

Recorded January 26th at Youth Square Dance Studio by Anthony Yeung as part of the Around Sound Art Festival 2013 organized by Soundpocket.

Mike Cooper played an F1 Resophonic Tri-Plate guitar / Zoom Track Sampler / Kaos Pad / Boss Pitch Shifter-Delay pedal / Top Gear Fuzz Box and Harmonica.

Yan-Chiu Leung played a variety of Sheng ( a free reed Chinese wind instrument)

The Mechanical Mass – Desintegration of Persistance


The Mechanical Mass

“Desintegration of Persistance”

01-Follow the space renovation(3:03)
05-The next door is 473(3:11)





Samson Sounds is an up-coming outfit within the city of Glasgow. Incorporating musical elements from African highlife and blues, to Kwaito and steppas with a heavyweight dub base. The grooves played are tight, solid and never fail to bring warm happy vibes to any event.

A highly diverse group, the use of digital elements, gives them the ability to set up in limited spaces bringing live music to where only DJs have played before. It also allows soundsystem-heavy music to be played live at similar levels to those of a DJ with ease.

Originally started with a soundsystem, DJing and solo productions by Anders Samson the band began in earnest when, King Raja and Willie G joined, bringing trombone and guitar to the table. From here the sound really progressed. Willie’s rapid African plucking and Rajas melodic brass gave a much wider scope for the music pushing the boundaries out from the solely electronic into a fresh blend of live instruments and digital sounds. With the addition of singer Easy Oze in early 2012 the group had reached the fullness of today. Easy Oze’s sweet and sometimes deceptively high voice, cuts a path while also providing deep soul vocals to soothe it back over. This group will always bring style and smiles to any party, regardless of the crowd.
released 27 September 2013
Owen Patrick – Vocals
Roger Marsh – Trombone
William Greensmith – Guitar
Anders “Samson” – Electronics

Music & Lyrics by Samson Sounds

Angelo Krizashi – The Remixes


Angelo Krizashi

“The Remixes”

A remix in art often takes multiple perspectives upon the same theme. An artist takes an original work of art and adds their own take on the piece creating something completely different while still leaving traces of the original work. It is essentially a reworked abstraction of the original work while still holding remnants of the original piece while still letting the true meanings of the original piece shine through. Famous examples include the Marilyn prints of Andy Warhol (modifies colors and styles of one image), and The Weeping Woman by Pablo Picasso, (merges various angles of perspective into one view). Some of Picasso’s other famous paintings also incorporate parts of his life, such as his love affairs, into his paintings. For example, his painting Les Trois Danseuses, or The Three Dancers, is about a love triangle.

Eren Silence – Eren I


Eren Silence

“Eren I”

Artist : Eren Silence
Title : Eren I
Catalog # : TXR052
Duration : 41:57
Date of release : September 25, 2013
Genres : dark ambient, space, drone
Format : digital (FLAC and MP3)

Three long drones, full of spectral stillness, for a mind transformation. A peaceful listening in the dark can lead to a profound inner experience.

The LTP – Dissociation




Artist: The LTP
Title: Dissociation
Genre: Hardcore Punk; Crust Punk
Country: Russia
Format: MP3 [320 kbps; stereo; 44,1 kHz]

wecollectskies – Remote Controlled Skies

wecollectskies - Remote Controlled Skies


Various Artists I – Compilation Album

COTA 002

Various Artists I

“Compilation Album”

First compilation of different electronic story’s. Various artist works compiled in one album. Please enjoy new atmospheres and emotions.

D.Tek – Kumari




Artist: D.Tek
Title: Kumari
Catalog#: deepx225
Format: File, MP3, Album, 320 kbps
Released: 25 Feb 2013
Style: Ambient, Downtempo, Deep House, Drum n Bass
01. D.Tek – Welcom To Mystical Asia (1:20)
02. D.Tek – Indian Ocean (6:35)
03. D.Tek – Sunrise (6:34)
04. D.Tek – Kumari (5:03)
05. D.Tek – Shiva (5:58)
06. D.Tek – Buddha Bar (3:00)
07. D.Tek – Goa Beached (6:22)
08. D.Tek – Interlude (0:40)
09. D.Tek – Sunday (D.Tek Mix) (5:00)
10. D.Tek – Tropical Rain (8:02)

Mathieu Lamontagne – Persistance


Mathieu Lamontagne


Subterranean Tide is proud to introduce ST05 Persistance by Mathieu Lamontagne.

Kraai & Bleak Fiction & Crimson Mourn – Preta (Split)

Kraai & Bleak Fiction & Crimson Mourn

“Preta (Split)”

Kraai (Argentine)
Kraai is a dark-ambient solo project, launched in late 2009.
He has released 3 full-lenght albums. Has been a part of diferent compilations and he worked on some videos.
It is a conceptual project, the expositions on her songs are often associated with human suffering, loneliness, illness, social problems, etc….

Bleak Fiction (Argentine)
Bleak Fiction was born in 2011 by Ezequiel Lobo.
His first release “Lucidness” reflects ambient with drone structures,
while his latest albums are darkest with noise passages (Translucent Ghost, Unseen Isolation EP).
In 2013 he finished his second EP “Daylight” and the split with Crimson Mourn and Kraai.
The names and concepts are oriented to meditation, hope, loneliness, thoughts, depression and dreams.

Crimson Mourn (Spain)
Crimson Mourn is solo project by Mauro Beltrán.
He released his first album, Our Eyes Were Closed (2011), with 17 years.
Then he released Bring Your Desires Here (2012) and after more than year of troubles,
he’s back working on new stuff and the third and last album.

Gruppo Ics – Addizione


Gruppo Ics


Fourth release for Gruppo ICS, second single.

Punk, Rock from Rome

Waqs – Voax




Artist: Waqs
Title: Voax
Genre: IDM
Country: Russia
Format: MP3 [320 kbps; stereo; 44,1 kHz]

KH’yugo – G#min




09-Angry lady(3:47)

Lingua Lustra – Violet


Lingua Lustra


Experimented sound designer and ambient producer from Amsterdam, Albert Borkent, arrives as Lingua Lustra to Breathe with Violet, an ep of six original tunes under his particular style as creator of deep environments and interminable spaces.
Button: by

Red Star Martyrs – I & I (EP)


Red Star Martyrs

“I & I (EP)”

Blessed with a devotion to dub and roots culture and politicised by the inequalities that haunt a world of plenty, Red Star Martyrs have arrived as the latest incarnation of musician and producer Stanley Wood. As a member of cult Birmingham reggae outfit Route 81, Stanley learnt his trade as a guitarist and gigging musician before becoming part of guerrilla graffiti specialists and urban raconteurs Echo Base. Here he encountered for the first time the mystical world of the recording studio and within it, the wonders of the Roland Space Echo – a love affair was born.

The romance bloomed with the arrival of affordable technology, enabling those that dared to dream the chance to create their own Channel One studio. The logical outcome for Stanley was Shotgun Rockers. From producing original dubs for the Dub Nation sound system, Shotgun Rockers became recording artists for Zip Dog, Nubian and Tanty records at the moment when a new breed of dub was being formed, introducing the energy of European dance music to inspiration from the legends of the Jamaican dub.

Fast forward to the now and Red Star Martyrs exist as an open collective where roots and dub artists from all over the world are invited to contribute and collaborate, bringing a message of love, unity and political consciousness. Oh yeah, and to have fun too, because roots dub music is what makes us all smile, right?

Their first EP includes two tracks, “Insurrection” & “Independence”, accompanied by the appropriate dubs for your personal recreation. “Insurrection” is a heavy stepper tune, followed by two exclusive mixes in one drop and breakbeat style. First appearance of Mrs Boo La La aka Bec Crispin on “Independence” spreading the rootical vibrations all the way.

MAV – Vaporized Art Movement – SAMIZDAT fLOppy DISK #02


MAV – Vaporized Art Movement


by MAV – Vaporized Art Movement


Movimento Arte Vaporizzata: Tommaso Busatto, Kano, Antonio Saccoccio, Joseph Deskolath, Fabio Crivellaro, Alenka, Stefano Balice, Alessio Giannetto, Anastasiya.

Track 01 and 03 transmitted for the first time in MEK DES KOM, radio program directed by INTERCAMALEMELONT.

SAMIZDAT is a floppy series dedicated to low bit-rate music and other low-tech wonders.
Each participant is free to release and give out SAMIZDAT’s copies as he wants, using recycled diskettes, giving them to friends or hiding them among the shelves of a shopping center – or more.
A SAMIZDAT floppy disk is a noisy act of love against the music busssinessss.

Button: by-nc-sa

Ayqix – Pijchuy EP (The Versions)



“Pijchuy EP (The Versions)”

[TMONG019] Ayqix – Pijchuy EP (The Versions)

01 – Ayqix – Pijchuy (Ischigualasto’s Version) | 06:43
02 – Ayqix – Pijchuy (Ohrwert Alter) | 05:30
03 – Ayqix – Mask’ax (Diaguita’s Version) | 09:25


Temiong Recordings – 2013

Various Artists – Sound of Paper 2


Various Artists

“Sound of Paper 2”

paper+sound is a newish Toronto based electronic music label, releasing music under the broad sub-categories of ambient, techno, house, dub, downtempo and experimental sounds.

Sound of Paper 2 is a FREE 37 minute mixed collection of tracks taken from the three latest releases on the paper+sound label.

Sauna Porch Recordings Co. is the latest release by Toronto electronic music scene veteran HEIKI. It’s a collection of new music entirely composed and recorded on the porch of the rustic sauna cabin his father designed and built in Georgian Bay over 35 years ago.

Climate Adaptive Capacity is another foray into to the psyche of naw’s abstract interpretations of the world we live in. As in the past naw draws in his continued inspiration of the sound ecology of cities, places and spaces he encounters on a daily basis. naw (Neil Wiernik) began composing electronic music in 1988 with explorations in audio art and experimental music.

Spectral Omissions by CHROMOSPHERE is the newest solo project of Digital Poodle and Kinder Atom alumnus Kris Helstrom. Often tightly packed with special guests, Chromosphere is an electro-forum for odd, and sometimes not so odd, musical ideas. Experimental and urbane improvisations jammed loosely over oozing break-beats most easily describes the sound from within the Chromosphere.

Obscure Blood – Dead Water


Obscure Blood

“Dead Water”

Artist : Obscure Blood
Title : Dead Water
Catalog # : TXR051
Duration : 36:48
Date of release : September 18, 2013
Genres : dark ambient, noise, drone
Format : digital (FLAC and MP3)
Free download link :

A surge of sweeping waves evolving in spiral to create a deep, dark and unearthly feeling.

Blok – Самый Первый Альбом



“Самый Первый Альбом”

Artist: Blok
Title: Самый Первый Альбом
Genre: Garage Hip-Hop
Country: Russia
Format: MP3 [320 kbps; stereo; 44,1 kHz]

máquina solar – de escamas


máquina solar

“de escamas”

máquina solar is a duo consisting of amanda irarrázabal (b. santiago, chile) on double bass and vocals and wenchi lazo (b. buenos aires, argentina) on guitars and vocals. they have been playing on and off for two years recording their first album de escamas in january of 2013. the music they play is based on free improvisations of concise and varied time lengths resulting in sounds that resemble, at times, short compositions.
their first album, de escamas, is a collection of twenty brief improvisations that were improvised and recorded in santiago, chile in january of 2013. short. noisy. dramatic. scratchy. singy.
Button: by-nc-nd

shapes and monsters – chkm


shapes and monsters


shapes and monsters is an international collaborative improvisation project with two members in barcelona and two members in chicago. diego caicedo and gabriel millan play in snorkel quintet and etermortifera among others. reid karris is a solo improviser and member of step slow. keith helt is a member of catholic witches.

their first album, chkm, was improvised recorded between november 2011 and february 2013. tracks were sent back and forth. limited takes were allowed in order to maintain an improvised feeling/aesthetic.

Button: by-nc-nd

Jan Strach – O.O.S.

UPL 054

Jan Strach


Jan Strach returns with a collection of songs gathered from his short lived “Out of Strach” project which presented each month a new short film, photos, a short story and two pieces of music. The songs were recorded between January and May and due to the time constraints JS had to go with the first inspiring thought that he got at the moment – whichgave some great and varied results. The opening track is based on the reversed melody of “Frere Jacques” but ends in a stoner feakout. There are atmospheric pieces about being followed by a woman driver and the death of dr Greene from the hit tv series “E.R.”; a tribute to Opel Astra over 5 different melodies in 3 different genres. Apparent are irregular rhythms and non-obvious melodies which JS has much love for, and equally much amateur passion and diy spirit, as always on the Underpolen netlabel.

“Eddie Huragan” is dedicated to mr Eddie Palmer of the tremendous The Fucked Up Beat, who fought the hurricane.

“Suddenly a bird” was written to graduate the online songwriting course at Berkeley music school.

V.A. – Digital Family Vol. 4



“Digital Family Vol. 4”

Round 4 for the successful compilation series “Digital Family” from Alic! Freshest music from new artists as well as musicians you know from Digital Diamonds since a long time. A constellation giving release number thirty the great mixture of peaktime tracks as well as relaxed groovers and experimental stuff.

“Digital Family” always is a guarantor for the peculiar. Time to come aboard!

Electrofilia – Haters club



“Haters club”

Electrofilia net.label presenta #Haters Club con este compilado logramos reunir a grandes músicos mexicanos inclinados al los cuts, noise y live coding proponiendo en esta producción texturas, frecuencias y/o algoritmos bailables en algunos tracks que están ligadas a los sonidos de la música electrónica de vanguardia.

Carlos Chinchillas
Alejandro Tux
Minoría ruidoza

Diseño EP: Eric.Erre
Masterizacion: Carlos Hasbun A.K.A Mixfuckedup
Guru&Seleccion: Velox.

Sanmi – Junkie




“Dark dance music EP with sound sampled from voice of William S. Burroughs and strings of Bela Bartok.”- Sanmi

01 – The Naked Lunch
02 – Bradley The Buyer
03 – Confessions of an Unredeemed Drug Addict
04 – Words of Advice

Varios Artists – Midnight Radio 1.

Varios Artists

“Midnight Radio 1.”

there is so many music on this planet. much underground, so many ideas. sounds that wrap around the blue planet and I would like to present a small part of it. enjoy and spread it worldwide. come with me.
[being part of next compilation? contact me.
ambient|avantgarde|experimental|electronic|and more
midnightradio-compilation is a part of:

Proyecto Lazarus – Metamorphosis

MIST039 (A-B-C)

Proyecto Lazarus


Spanish noise/ambient. A conceptual work by Proyecto Lazarus.
Released by m.i.s.t. records.

Proyecto Lazarus – Universe

MIST040 (A-B)

Proyecto Lazarus


Spanish noise/ambient.
Released by m.i.s.t. records.

Double disc.

Catalepsis – C Λ † Λ L Ξ P S I S



“C Λ † Λ L Ξ P S I S”

Chilean witch house.
Released by m.i.s.t. records.

Kiyomitsu Miyashita – No clock town


Kiyomitsu Miyashita

“No clock town”

Japanese ambient/noise.
Released by a chilean netlabel: m.i.s.t. records

MOC – Tempo 100



“Tempo 100”

Today we present no Speedcore, no scavenger hunt and no marathon. Nothing, but the news. Right in your face.

Influenced by Rococo playfulness, scuffing easyness and celebrating snap mood the joyous men of the Munich-based duo MOC bring their second album.

Who is reminded when listening to Magentaas hit album ‘Pulse’ on Phonocake, is not so wrong. Because of acting as Magentaa the musician Wolfgang Schmetterer has picked up the computer scene Champ Anatol Locker and dragged to stage, at this time especially in her home city, where they rock the stores that allow such a smooth sound.

Together, they first capture the world with their electronica-pop-house-band and then of course the space behind it, right after the blue sky on the left.

Jari Pitkänen – Siam Soul

Jari Pitkänen - Siam Soul

Im Rückspiegel und mit Sicherheitsabstand können die 80er sogar manchmal ganz nett aussehen. Grüße aus Finnland!

Exclamation Point/Tacomaniacx – Skeletons With Sombreros


Pure chill out!

Bleak Fiction – Daylight [EP]

dtn & ktn – dtn & ktn


dtn & ktn

“dtn & ktn”

01. dtn & ktn – #1
02. dtn & ktn – #2
03. dtn & ktn – #3
04. dtn – ψυχήδήλος ῥαψῳδία
05. dtn – ɕʁɐʑɣ ȸʉçkʼɨƕ βɬǂʧ
06. dtn – What This !

MAV [0kbps] Records, September 2013

Button: by-nc-sa

Bloody Romero – Jazzzzz


Bloody Romero


02-Intelligence = Madness(3:04)
03-Rise Up(4:29)

Generation Skweee – Prima


Generation Skweee


Generation Skweee invites you to make a rapid journey through the pages of books and get to the concrete music interspersed with techno-methods.
Extracts from Sound Interpretations series.

Desh Alb – Alla corte del Super Ego


Desh Alb

“Alla corte del Super Ego”

The music as expression of pure art sometimes expresses latents, lacerating and visceral moods. The Italian artist Desh Alb brings indelible marks of questions that have no answers , a persistent pain who have not peace at all costs having to accept a steep path where the mind does not find the light to be , to exist . The musical project entitled “Alla corte del Super Ego” (At the court of the Super Ego), drags sounds, words and shapes of six compositions to a world full of dynamic discontinuous where occasionally apparent glimmers of change seem to instill feelings of newfound clarity and then back down again once again in serious tones almost to sanction a kind of feeling of resignation and worsening . An artistic project with high thickness that tells a tragedy lived too closely, a daily defeat for that few of the human mind knowed and of that so much that the human knowledge unknowed and that it allows us amazed, lost and unarmed leaving only us the awareness of a weeping on a shoulder that can be also that of a guiltless and suffering mother for an ignoble destiny reserved to her. The musical project effective and deep is further enhanced by the contribution of a “reading” of some verses composed by Paolo Ferrarini and some samples in the original language from the movie “Dolores Claiborne” in the 1995 movie based on a book by Stephen King. Ingredients that defines and increases the texture and depth of this project.

Frictional Transmission / If I Had A Hi Fi – Deep Data


Frictional Transmission / If I Had A Hi Fi

“Deep Data”

Deep data rescued from the prodigious minds of these artists, mixing strength with softness and warmth to reach this fantastic e.p with 6 original tracks and two remixes.

Different concepts together to provide sensations to all listeners, another way to love music, to find the sound … this is our goal.

Mastering by Billy Niko and Vtr.

Mindctrl – Nem Tudhatom EP



“Nem Tudhatom EP”

Artist: Mindctrl
Title: Nem Tudhatom EP
Catalog#: deepx224
Format: File, MP3, EP, 320 kbps
Released: 22 Feb 2013
Style: Minimal Techno, Tech House
01. Mindctrl – Nem Tudhatom (5:38)
02. Mindctrl – Not Designer (6:01)
03. Mindctrl – Flangertrain (6:11)

Meaning Of Life – A Crying Into Desolation


Meaning Of Life

“A Crying Into Desolation”

Artist: Meaning Of Life
Title: A Crying Into Desolation
Genre: Black Metal; Depressive
Country: Honduras/Italia
Format: MP3 [320 kbps; stereo; 44,1 kHz]

The Darkening Machine – Dwindling Light


The Darkening Machine

“Dwindling Light”

Artist : The Darkening Machine
Title : Dwindling Light
Catalog # : TXR050
Duration : 29:44
Date of release : September 10, 2013
Genres : dark ambient, noise, drone
Format : digital (FLAC and MP3)
Free download link : perfect soundtrack of your late evening anguish. Full of distant unfamiliar percussions and weeping torturous frequencies.

Longman – Guff!!!




01.Mirror Lady
02.The Theory Of Improbability
04.Interesting Zoology
05.Etude For Natalie
06.Crystal Your Tears
07.Entrance To Outsiders
08.Journey To Ixtlan
09.Tail Of The Comet
10.Down The Rabbit Hole
11.My Lost IllusionDownload

RMSS Systems Inc. – MAV Chemical Review


RMSS Systems Inc.

“MAV Chemical Review”

RMSS Systems Inc.

MAV Chemical Review [0kbps043]

01. Cat & RMSS Systems Inc. – Chemical Review (Full Cat’s Edition)
02. Cat & RMSS Systems Inc. – Water Doors And Chemical Report
03. Continuous Chirp Waveform -1 10-20000 Hz Sex 1-10, Except 8, Square And Triangle Influenced (Thunder Cut)
04. Sine
05. Slukh & RMSS Systems Inc. – Svod Slukhov
06. W395 & RMSS Systems Inc. – Waste-free production-man

MAV [0kbps] Records, September 2013

Button: by-nc-sa

Telegraphy – Interpretations




album: “Interpretations”
media format: MP3 (320 kbps)

track listing:

01: Misinterpretations………………………………………..11:21 min
02: Interpretations……………………………………………..7:11 min
03: Space………………………………………………………10:09 min
04: Space Squared …………………………………………..5:12 min
05: Space Quaded ……………………………………………8:19 min
06: Space Cubed ……………………………………………..8:40 min

To interpret is all in the eyes of the beholder. Different world views and opinions varies widely from individuals. All of us has our own unique sense of reality that we somehow like to share with the rest. Weather it’s good or bad, you and I compute the external environment to our own liking.

Keeping this in mind, “Interpretations” an album of collected dubed sound-scapes by Ionosonde’s resident artist Telegraphy, pushes the listener into outer space where a sterile environment is present to be used as a medium for sound interpretation. If it isn’t warm and bright for one person, it’s cold and dark for another. It’s all how you interpret it.

So space-out with us !

Fields of Ohio – Reminiscent of Factories


Fields of Ohio

“Reminiscent of Factories”

Lo-Fi Acoustic Beats from Ohio/ New York City
Music for fields

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