Black Square Cloudcast – Human Transfixed


Black Square Cloudcast

“Human Transfixed”

Do our black faces search the empty sky?
Is there something we have forgotten? some precious thing
We have lost, wandering in strange lands?” – Arna Bontemps

00:00 The Ghost Between The Strings – Nothing Will Happen
09:07 Ownsi Lense – Elementum V
13:01 Spit It Out – Almost There (mix on MIG)
23:40 Ostensibly Ossified – Nothing to Do With Anything
27:17 _Voice – Human Error
33:39 Sanmi – Blindman
36:12 Hox Vox – Undead
40:47 Ghazaleh E – Dead Now (Antioch Arrow Cover)
43:23 Muhmood – Sunn
48:37 Hyaena Fierling Reich – Human Transfixed
52:32 Cometa – Violin_C143

CoEx – I am a strange loop



“I am a strange loop”

styles and sounds as diverse as art rock, kraut, world music, 70s, 90s and current electronic music melt together in a fully unique combination.

we call it “electronic artpop” and as such it offers a plethora of musical experiences. leaving traditional song structures behind, each track tells its own story, ranging from the dub/reggae influenced “ernesto” to the epic “i am a strange loop” which combines folk elements with ethnic drums and ambient style spheric sounds.

not convinced? then start your journey through these vast sound scapes by listening to “transformations”, an ever changing and evolving acoustic work of art.

My Own Cubic Stone – A New Cycle


My Own Cubic Stone

“A New Cycle”

French artist Marc Garin produces slow smooth mood changing music with beautiful downtempo beats in this fantastic 14 track album.

stefano balice – isterondeath


stefano balice


stefano balice

isterondeath [0kbps051]

01 – un gioco sul male
02 – per diluire la paura domestica
03 – anal beehtoven
04 – tu fai il guinness
05 – furniture music #04
06 – v4portronic4 – feat. Tommaso Busatto
07 – hipsteron dub
08 – ceste is a pink rocker
09 – nella città di nessuno
10 – trapianto d’organi

“tu fai il guinness”‘s intro was taken from a video-message by Giovanni Nembrini (Beira)
“furniture music #04” was released for the first time in “furniture music”(SPTOtfSP, 2012) in a 8 kbps mp3 format
“v4portronic4” was recorded with Tommaso Busatto

MAV [0kbps] Records, December 2013

Various Artists – Jesus Was An Olm


Various Artists

“Jesus Was An Olm”

The last Christmas Deep Lake Records along with MAV Records celebrated Christmas with all of you with a small compilation.
And even this year Deep Lake Records has already put to work to prepare your gifts under the tree but not without your help!

This compilation is the perfect soundtrack for your boozy winter!
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Deep Lake Records!

John Ov3rblast – Stories From The Fog


John Ov3rblast

“Stories From The Fog”

John Ov3rblast brings this emotional release, ¨STORIES FROM THE FOG¨ reflects a whole movie of dense atmospheres able to envelop you in a world of sound visions.The sound creates a pleasant feeling in your ears and in your mind .. may be surprised with different aspects, your heart rate can vary through just a musical note. just need you to check yourself.

The gift from Santa Claus this year comes with 7 wonderful tracks :)

matteo gomez – lapse


matteo gomez


italy’s matteo gomez returns with his third release on unfoundsound — this time keeping it fresh with an eight-track album of deep and heady minimal techno with an abstract charisma. let it glide.

Various Artists – Button Box


Various Artists

“Button Box”

Button Box” is a collection of 46 mixes constructed from elements taken from the Linear Obsessional album “Air Buttons” by Richard Sanderson (LOR046)

“After releasing my album of melodeon and electronics improvisations, I decided to ask my friends whether they would be interested in reworking any of the material- ‘Please take any music at all from the new release (“Air Buttons” by me) and do what you want with it – mangle it, remix it, add things to it, sing over it, play a duo with it, slow it down, turn it into a tune, cut it up, whatever. BUT please make your contribution EXACTLY TWO MINUTES LONG’.
I was astonished by the reaction- soon sound files were flying at me from all over the world, including from friends of friends of friends, as well as from people who I’ve known since school days- collaborators from my post-punk days, free improvisers, morris dancers, other Linear Obsessional artists, even my next-door neighbour! The results are amazingly varied in style – and all are fascinating, and of course, none of them outstay their welcome.
So- enormous thanks to all my friends in the UK, France, Spain,Ireland, Sweden, USA and Malaysia, you have made me very proud”
-Richard Sanderson 2013

All tracks include at least some elements taken from the album “Air Buttons” by Richard Sanderson.

Variouos – [0kbps050]






01 – Laika Facsimile – La bella musica di gigio
02 – Smegmascreen – Ballads of Anal Plugging Noise
03 – INSTAGON – Spider
04 – hiyohiyoipseniyo – fonoll
05 – Art Electronix – DistTV
06 – stefano balice – the GneGne song (crashed)
07 – Max Scordamaglia – No-Is – 02
08 – I Killed Techno! – Dont Cry When I Die
09 – harmonie_mit_nichts – the page
10 – CAND – Holive
11 – Noise Service feat. strangelet and reklawysdnil – Feedback No. !
12 – TrashBLit – Blind_Spot
13 – Deterioro Nervioso Irreversible – Alley fuck
14 – undermindlimb & khaotic molly – zero-one
15 – Pioggia d’Ambra – Annientamento del sé nella cupa camera ardente
16 – METEK and NOS project (with M.Parque on guitars) – Only Here For A While Re
17 – Der Domestizierte Mensch – Madonna pregnant
18 – BeengHy – I cervelli non hanno correttori
19 – Tommaso Busatto – Vaportronica2 (Toxic Chicken remix)
20 – Seiei Jack – Sweet Caroline RMX
21 – Camiroaga Conspiracy – Frivola
22 – Sounddog65 – Partial Pasolini
23 – mutanT.R.I. – Low Flow
24 – eugenio furrno – traumachine
25 – Art Electronix – Sloppy
26 – Exclamation Point – Evil Telephone
27 – To-Bo – Gewitter
28 – Anal Sausages – Anal Sex Terror
29 – Contraktor – Such Good Weed
30 – 7tn4CC + Vitaldo Conte + Helena Velena – Pulsional Rumore (gliss)
31 – A. P. Vague – #84 (Chanukah)
32 – harmonie_mit_nichts – i_have_to_be_with_you
33 – Max Scordamaglia – Raw Material III – 01 – SW 1
34 – Tommaso Busatto – Vaportronica 333
35 – Noise Service feat. strangelet and reklawysdnil – Traff-c
36 – Changoz! – Enjoy The Noise
37 – undermindlimb & khaotic molly – doctor’s tape n.1
38 – Esquizomachina – La puerta del infierno
39 – INSTAGON – Thee Shining
40 – Seicho Suru Kigi & Chris Silver T – Free Improvitation
41 – Dr. NoiseM – El Diabolo
43 – Contraktor – Dark Ambient Jam
44 – Beira – Il Fantastico Mondo Di Aldo Moro

cover artwork by emanuele fais

MAV [0kbps] Records, December 2013

Button: by-nc-sa

Various Artists – Under the Avalanche III: Christmas 2013


Various Artists

“Under the Avalanche III: Christmas 2013”

A collection of nineteen exclusive holiday-themed tracks. Available at 24-bit depth, 48KHz sample rate. Uncompressed 22-page artwork PDF file with artists information included.

released 24 December 2013
Compiling & artwork – Luke Lund
Mastering – Skink

Fire to the Stars – Keep You Safe


Fire to the Stars

“Keep You Safe”

Fire to the Stars-Keep You Safe

Violeta Päivänkakkara – Kukkia


Violeta Päivänkakkara


Violeta Päivänkakkara presents “Kukkia”, the follow-up to 2012’s great EPs “Kuu” and “Pimeässä”

Pablo Reche – Horizonte


Pablo Reche


Pueblo Nuevo Netlabel se complace en presentar su release numero 86, cerrando la breve pero interesante cosecha 2013 con el disco “Horizonte”, trabajo del precursor musico argentino Pablo Reche.

Review / Reseña:

“La musica de Pablo Reche es un desafio y reclama un esfuerzo por parte del oyente, un perceptor que vive en una epoca en que existe una gran cantidad de material musical disponible para el publico y en que los modos de escucha se han vuelto fragiles mediante el zapping, los altos niveles de compresion en las masterizaciones y la transformacion de ciertas musicas (por no decir la mayoria), en accesorios tribales sin valor en si mismos.

Este trabajo del artista argentino requiere una escucha activa. No es un material que pueda ponerse de fondo y menos en parlantes mezquinos. El audifono podria ser un dispositivo util, siempre que la actitud sea de atencion y no la de una escucha de acompañamiento para cualquier otra actividad.

¿Pero, por que estos requerimientos?.

Reche nos entrega un pieza que en sus casi 18 minutos y medio progresa delicadamente a traves de zumbidos electricos que tienen una componente compleja, mezclando ciertos tonos con distorsiones. A estos “drones” se suman en distintos momentos algunos materiales de ruido muy probablemente provenientes de grabaciones de campo. El flujo de estas sonoridades es de un desarrollo y fluctuaciones delicadas, pero no por ello escasas. La atencion y su propiciacion mediante condiciones de escucha aptas permitirian una apreciacion del dinamismo de la pieza y, al contrario, una reproduccion donde existan materiales enmascaradores (ruido ambiente, zumbidos de pantallas y otros aparatos), junto con una pobre reproduccion, impedirian la correcta estimacion de todos estos detalles.

Si bien el trabajo se enmarca dentro del habitual caracter contemplativo de Reche, todo ese movimiento que comentamos mas arriba junto con un despliegue en distintos estratos del espectro, nos hace percibirlo como uno de sus trabajos mas consistentes, por supuesto dentro de nuestra acotada opinion.”

“Pablo Reche’s music is a challenge and it demands effort on the part of the listener, a recipient who lives in an era in which a large amount of musical material is available to the public and in which the modes of listening have become fragile through zapping, high levels of compression in mastering, and the transformation of certain musics (though not necessarily the majority) into tribal accessories without value in and of themselves.

This work by the Argentine artist requires active listening. It is not material that can be placed in the background, and even less on paltry speakers. Headphones may be a useful device, but always with an attitude of attention and not to listen as an accompaniment for any other activity.

But why these requirements?

Reche gives us a piece that in its almost 18 and a half minutes delicately progresses through electrical hums that have a complex component, mixing certain tones with distortions. To these “drones” some noise materials, likely derived from field recordings, are added in certain moments. The flow of these sonorities is one of development and delicate fluctuation, but not through scarcity. Attention and its propitiation through suitable listening conditions will allow an appreciation of the dynamics of the piece and, to the contrary, a reproduction where there are distracting elements (ambient noise, hum of screens and other devices), along with a poor reproduction, will impede the correct estimation of all these details.

Although the work is framed within the usual contemplative character of Reche, all this movement discussed above, together with a deployment in distinct strata of the spectrum, makes us perceive it as one of his most consistent works, of course within our humble opinion.”

Alejandro Albornoz (Mankacen)
Santiago, diciembre/december 2013.

Creditos / Credits:

Grabado, mezclado y masterizado por Pablo Reche, en Buenos Aires 2013 / Recorded, mixed and mastered by Pablo Reche, Buenos Aires, 2013.

Contacto / Contact: rechepab(AT)

Diseño y retoque fotografico / Artwork and photoshop by Mika Martini (mikamartini(AT)

Version en ingles / English version by Ryan Bodiford. (bodiford(AT)

Revisa mas noticias sobre nuestras actividades y la cartelera completa de presentaciones en: / all live_act and news info at:

Various – Dissonance




Finally after months of organising and collecting submissions, the Kahvi VA for 2013 is here. And as its a special compilation, we’re putting it out as the Christmas release for 2013 also. You’ve got a huge amount of styles and artists on this years VA, from 32 tracks combined to over 2.5 hours of quality music. Be warned that the download is hefty at 500MB for the MP3 version, and the podcast is over 350MB itself.

Artists found on this years VA include some Kahvi regulars including Brioskj, 4T Thieves, Polaski, MigloJE, Madstyle and Acrilic Colours and a lot of guest artists bringing some very interesting flavours to the mix. There are ambient tracks along with retro beat driven acid, something for everybody. We hope you enjoy this years VA, and remember the other Christmas releases from 4T Thieves and Reii released last week.

Tracks of choice are too many to mention but for something really refreshing check out Serhio Efremis – Mystery for a real taste of Russia.

Merry Christmas from all at Kahvi!

AutoReMi-PK – BRKN




What if Megaman soundtracks were written by Zan-Zan-Zawa-Veia? Seemingly hell-bent on finding out the answer to this, AutoReMi-PK’s TWG debut, ‘BRKN’, goes to great lengths to be a blinding mixture of experimental esotericism and melody-driven pop-esque hookery, and the evidence to his success is here in abundance.

From the epic space swoons of ‘Subroutine Traffic Stop…’ to the manic energy and dissonant beauty of ‘Dys4-1A’, every inch of ‘BRKN’ is stylistically eclectic and robust, melodically affecting and compositionally complex. Where ‘BRKN’ excels best is its ability to mix those heart-rending melodies into vigorous and rewarding compositions. The melodies of ‘Rules and Regalia…’ call into mind the heydays of Bit Shifter, ‘Requiem (Our Stolen Future)’ ends with soft but emotively poignant sweeps of motifs, and ‘We Never Sleep/Artemidorus’ moves from crunchy experimentalism into a melody that defines the term ‘tearjerker’.

‘BRKN’ is an album as well as a journey. Every track slips into the next as a continuous piece and the effect is infectious. A consistent aural and emotive assault, every turn and shift as unforgettable as the preceding, every arp brimming with emotion and every passage a piece of compositional masterpiece that ticks the boxes of both rational talent and emotive creativity. Those who have already decided their albums of the year may have been slightly pre-emptive; on his debut, AutoReMi-PK has already solidified his place as an incredibly talented composers, and ‘BRKN’ as one of the scene’s best offerings in some time.

Fryvolic Art – Ornaments


Fryvolic Art


Fryvolic Art is one-man-band from Poznan/Poland. Now sharing you not only music, but a deep thought also: music is dead without the listeners. So let it live… What can you expect? Some interesting combination of rock, guitar-chillout with a little classical mood and even metal. Visiting you will find online-player, download zip file and some place to leave a comment or post a question.

bristophe – le fils de la prophétesse



“le fils de la prophétesse”

bristophe is brice catherin and christophe schweizer.

they play instruments like: cello, trombone, a bit of electronics, maybe some tuba, a touch of clarinet, plus e.g. recorder and other flutes, double bass, alpine horn, voice, bird calls, a few toys, and whatever else they come across that might produce some type of sound.

they improvise.

they are half swiss living in hamburg (germany), half french living in geneva (switzerland).

occasionally both halves meet in one place, and that’s when sound happens.

their first album for pyr, le fils de la prophétesse is a two disc set that clocks in at over two hours. the first disc contains almost sixty miniature improvisations the create a whole. the second disc is more long-form, but the two relate as one.

Radio Libra – Magic Land


Radio Libra

“Magic Land”

‘Magic Land’ is a journey into childish fantasy. The artist’s primary task was to dip the listeners into a beautiful world of fairy tale. It is dedication to novels of Alexander Volkov who made the wonderful world of Magic Land based on Baum’s ‘Oz’. Every track is a trip to different realm of that Land. Godspeed!

The Inner Shore – Before


The Inner Shore


Inner space evocations by means of upward spiral movements of slowly evolving frequencies.
Artist : The Inner Shore
Title : Before
Catalog # : TXR062
Duration : 36:13
Date of release : December 18, 2013
Genres : dark ambient, drone, noise, space, minimal atmospheric
Format : digital (FLAC and MP3)

fire to the stars – keep you safe


fire to the stars

“keep you safe”

Debut single from Melbourne/Stockholm six piece, Fire to the Stars. Dealing in glorious melancholia, the two tracks soothe and despair simultaneously.

Reii – Fixme




The second of the Christmas lineup for 2013 is a welcome return to one of the Kahvi favourites – Reii!

Back from the depths of Russia, we have a five track ep (playing time 30 minutes) of some of the coolest ambient and easy listening tracks to hit Kahvi this year. But of course, you expect no less from Reii!

Some amazing depth features in the tracks, with a slightly ‘imperfect edge’ to the tracks, giving them more of a human feel. Love Is is an epic journey into sound, where sqnc3 is a fantastic look at just how great arpeggios can sound with a master at the controls! Each track is a work of art, so enjoy this fantastic EP before the Kahvi Christmas release 2013!

Blastculture – Grab The Mayhem EP



“Grab The Mayhem EP”

Artist name: Blastculture
Release name: Grab The Mayhem EP
Catalog#: deepx231
Release date: 27 Mar 2013
Format: mp3/320 kbps
Style: Tech House, Minimal

01. Blastculture – Dimensione Onirica (7:37)
02. Blastculture – Masahiko Vs. Saseko (6:13)
03. Blastculture – A Dangerous Flight Over Manaus (7:25)
04. Blastculture – Crackle Cockhyaena (7:20)
05. Blastculture – Pulser (4:40)

Dead in Sacramento – Over the Fiery Wall of the Horizon

Dead in Sacramento

“Over the Fiery Wall of the Horizon”

Dead in Sacramento is a Lofi / Ambient project from France

Ep tracklist :

1) She has floated through her winter and through her summer [4:48]
2) There is no quiet here, nor silence [3:53]
3) The trees were dark in color [3:52]
4) Beneath the red eye of the sun [2:55]

released 15 December 2013 on Tape Safe records

All tracks composed, mixed and mastered by Adrien Quievre

I.Z. aka IDzeroNo – See No Evil


I.Z. aka IDzeroNo

“See No Evil”

[onorezdiLP014] See No Evil (Dec. 15 . 2013)

4T Thieves – The Expanse


4T Thieves

“The Expanse”

As part of the Christmas release lineup, I’m extremely proud to introduce my first ever album called ‘The Expanse’. Completed during the last half of this year, there are 12 tracks of completely new material never before released. A few tracks having been lying around my hard disk for a while which I tidied up and included, but the majority were written for this album.

There are a few different styles – drum and bass with an IDM ambient edge, my tribute to the Commodore 64 and a couple of classic 90s techno sounding tracks (similar to orbital or underworld).

Fire To The Stars – Keep You Safe / Wholesale Slaughter


Fire To The Stars

“Keep You Safe / Wholesale Slaughter”

“Na realidade Shoegaze não quer dizer nada, sendo apenas mais um facilitismo ao abrigo do qual se podem incluir várias espécies de grupos diferentes, que em comum tenham uma parede de distorção convidativa a momentos de introspecção.
Durante um período dos anos 80 e 90, assistiu-se a uma proliferação de bandas de Indie-Rock onde também poderiam caber milhares de coisas diferentes, mas que sem dúvida tiveram em comum não só o momento específico mas também a especificidade associada ao seu som. Essa marca é transportada por vários grupos até aos dias de hoje, e ainda bem porque há legados que devem prevalecer. Várias dessas bandas tinham sem dúvida afinidades quer com o Shoegaze, quer com o seu parente próximo, a Dream Pop. Mas o lugar dos rótulos é nas embalagens e o que interessa realmente é o que a música transmite, independentemente do que se escreve ou diz sobre ela.
Uma banda chamada Fire To The Stars merece pelo menos uma audição atenta, quanto mais não seja para confirmar se a música cumpre aquilo que o nome parece prometer. As estrelas quando ardem tendem a fazê-lo de forma lenta, ainda que poderosa, numa espécie de momento de agressividade melancólica.
Este single é composto por dois temas, e se por um lado “Keep You Safe” ergue uma barreira uterina de noise entre o ouvinte e o mundo, já “Wholesale Slaughter” proporciona uma contemplação nostálgica desse mesmo mundo, do qual nos encontramos alheados via experiência musical. Simultaneamente belo e fantasmagórico, como a pop deveria ser, esta edição não destoaria ao lado duns Swervedriver ou duns Ride.
Façam favor de olhar para os sapatos e sonhar um pouco.”

Hugo Filipe Lopes

Dub Machine – Orient Illusion


Dub Machine

“Orient Illusion”

Founded in 2012, Dub Machine is the project of one man, the Tunisian Ilyess Mahfoudhi. Mixing Dub, Dubstep and Eastern or Tunisian sounds, Dub Machine release their first EP Orient Illusion which just includes songs already present on his SoundCloud. Like Dubosmium for Morocco, Dub Machine is the only one dubber in his country, which does not prevent him to be an active member of the first Tunisian webradio Radyoon and mix in different clubs. Warm up with Orient Illusion, a sun uppercut coming straight from Maghreb !


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