Klaus Marten – Sometimes EP

Klaus Marten

“Sometimes EP”

This short collection of tracks, recorded and produced with the feel and appeal of a stripped-down radio session, includes re-imagined acoustic versions of previously recorded songs of mine, and one yet-to-be released song given the same treatment.

Митрий Гранков – Верните Мите!


Митрий Гранков

“Верните Мите!”

«В 2011 году мы с другом Ховбаем организовывали несколько фестивалей под названием НОРМАЛЬНЫЕ, на которых выступал и я с сольной программой — это были песни собственного сочинения и стихи. Аудиоматериал, представленный на диске «ВЕРНИТЕ МИТЕ!» — часть того, что исполнялось мной на этих выступлениях.

Название «ВЕРНИТЕ МИТЕ!» было выбрано отчасти из-за того, что хотелось получить от слушателей что-то обратно, некий фидбэк. Отзывы были не очень многочисленны, но порой столь неожиданны и позитивны, что доставляли большую радость.»

La Bella Violencia – Untitled de varios artistas


La Bella Violencia

“Untitled de varios artistas”

“Untitled de varios artistas”, is the second disc of the project La Bella Violencia from the visual and sonorous artist Iñaki Muñoz Zamora.

This disc is a collage born from symbols and dialogues between multifarious tongues, all of them from different origins and sounds defined for the undefined investigation, who trough oral vehicles from a common universe, they weave a milky way of fibers oscillating between the interior and exterior of a universe. A universe draw by lines and dots, who in the same time that they are been make, they punch the believes and knowledge, delivering fragile minerals in the ear of the audience, giving birth to new improvisations in emotional dancing bodies, in a constant untouchable survival, vanishing in the untameable rhythms, unfinished and intricately dense for delicately imperfect spirits.

Iñaki Muñoz Zamora
(Santiago, january 2015)

Is – Foreverdark Woods



“Foreverdark Woods”

Is (норв. лед) – карельский музыкальный проект в жанре Atmospheric Black Metal образованный одним человеком под псевдонимом Nøkken в 2014 году. Творчество Is полностью посвящено атмосфере севера, вдохновленное карельской суровой природой, культурой северных народов с элементами язычества. Все его композиции сочетают в себе и мистическую мелодичность и быстрые гитарные рифы и тяжелые аккорды, в которых с легкостью улавливается суровость тех краев.

Wings of an Angel – Your Dominatrix Had A Brain Transplant Under My Knives


Wings of an Angel

“Your Dominatrix Had A Brain Transplant Under My Knives”

Humor is an essential and reoccurring leitmotif in my life. Without the ability to laugh out loud about the absurdity of human behavior and of nature’s macabre mirages, life could easily become a heavy burden. In my eyes, humorless people are like zombies. How can one go about without noticing the fantastically grotesque moments that surround us all?
This album explores the theme of quintessential black humor in a rather light mood. It addresses the fact that for many, life is an experimental BDSM film without a script. This is an improvisational soundtrack that in my perception complements such a vision.
From all the arts (cinema, music, literature, poetry, painting etc’) to politics, education, work and every other aspect of civilian life – people take everything so darn seriously, as if their lives depend on it…
Most people are absolutely sure that this little world resolves around them, therefore, unable to see the larger perspective; ala that we’re here so very temporally, and instead of conducting ourselves within the limited perspectives and safety cages that society pushes us into – we have to go out of our minds, to think profoundly and sincerely outside the box and to feel without the primordial fear of being labeled as weirdos and stigmatized!

Ulf Kramer – Schmandhusten


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