Outbred – Morda




Outbred is back with fresh mathcore promo!

01. Morda – 3:59
02. B.T.B.B. – 3:58
03. Kata Error – 3:11

Total time: 11:08

(CC) 2015 Outbred

Mateusz Walenczewski – wokal
Kuba Strękowski – gitara
Marcin Majcher – bas
Radek Tyc – perkusja

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V.A. – Selections – Red



“Selections – Red”

selection of the best club-tracks from the past decade…
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V.A. – Selections – Blue



“Selections – Blue”

selection of the best open-air tunes from the past decade..
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V.A. – Selections – Green



“Selections – Green”

selection of the best chilled-out tunes from the past decade.
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V.A. – 10 years later



“10 years later”

I think its time for a big THANK YOU!!
i wanted to make a longer posting, but no one reads it anyways, so i will keep it short:

Thanks to everyone who supported my little Label over the last 10 years. Thanks to you, It grew to one of the most respected techno-netlabels out there. Thanks to the 170 Artists from all over the Globe who were involved. Thanks for now more than 1.000.000 Downloads without any Advertisements or Campaigns. Thanks for all the friends and comrades i found through this project. Music connects. Thanks for all the unforgettable moments. And thanks for all the money we generated through our Sublabel “Limited Edition”. Every Cent went directly to a local Humanitarian Organization. We probably saved lives out there. But we will always keep it low Profile. It’s all about sharing. Thanks. You know who you are. Thanks for all the support in the “dark times” recently. Zimmer will never die… Lets bring on the next 10 years… –Aleks

Zimmer loves YOU. Yes, you!!!

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Pen Parker – Astro Naut


Pen Parker

“Astro Naut”

01-Astro Naut(3:00)
02-A5Cћ [ 3​.​v ](2:42)
03-On Mars, it is sterile [2 v​.​](3:12)
07-Magnetic [ q890​.​23- J – 2 v. ](2:24)
08-It Must be True [ 1​​.​​6q . V ](2:37)
09-Yellow Autumn(2:19)
10-Patrol Time(2:51)
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Dry Time – Dog Days


Dry Time

“Dog Days”

Well, punk-rock in not dead obviously! Alive and kickin’!

01. Dry Time – 3:50
02. Social Hangover – 3:24
03. Generation Drop – 2:34
04. Tramp – 2:21
05. Thrills – 2:38
06. Day Before Disaster – 2:30
07. Addicted – 2:33
08. Scarf – 3:08
09. Xanax – 3:28
10. Bullet – 1:52
11. Great Unknown – 1:55
12. Don’t You Know – 3:14
13. 66 – 2:11
14. Dog Days Are Coming – 6:15

Total time: 41:53

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DonPepego – Steam and Electricity



“Steam and Electricity”

Rock, alternative, bossa-nova… You name it! More than a feeling!

DonPepego – Steam and Electricity (EP)

01. Last Lullaby – 3:51
02. Bossa Blue – 4:31
03. He Knows – 3:23
04. All Kinds of Drinks – 6:56
05. Sparkles – 3:31
06. Misty Eye – 2:17
07. Mru – 2:42

Total time: 27:11

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■ EPV_180

■ bonus item
wallpaper (iPhone6, iMac, Macbook pro)

all tracks & photo & design by SHOMOMOSE

[artist info]
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Ars Sonor – The Subdued Inferno

Ars Sonor

“The Subdued Inferno”

I walk the path of perennial changes with effervescent attitude, but it wasn’t always like that. This EP is a gentle reminder that all the darkness you could go through will dissolve in the healing rain of light eventually. There is no inferno except the one that we create for ourselves… We are spiritual beings experiencing the physical life, not vice versa, and we are here on this planet to enjoy our experiences. And we cannot be destroyed.
Our energies are eternal.
‪#‎ambient‬ ‪#‎awakening‬ ‪#‎lettinggo‬


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