V.A. – Super Duper Digi​-​Punk Split Vol​.​4 : NXC Edition



“Super Duper Digi​-​Punk Split Vol​.​4 : NXC Edition”

Kitty on Fire Records brings you the 4th installment of the Super Duper Digi-Punk Split series. You can find full releases from almost all of these artists on our label. Tracks from hardened NXC veterans as well as Cybergrind initiates. Bleep Bloop Violence is about friendship and unity. Just like Digimon! Lets meet up and play shows. Lets be cyber friends for real!


Debug My Video Game Error (Japan)
Mikau (USA)
MISS YOU / Fizzy Dino Pop (Japan)
Yatagarasu (USA)
Watabou (USA)
Senpai Suicide Club (Canada)
Heptaedium (France)
Who Stole The Cookie From The Cookie Jar (USA)
Capybara Fucking Pirate Destroyer (Russia)

Cover art by: Braverbeast

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