Kooscha – Forma




The long-standing dispute has still persisted, fueling the excessive interest in finding the artifact in the minds of avid friends. It’s time to start exploring the sky and the blurry, bright streaks of constellations passing by.
Cat’s partner’s habit of putting his feet up on the spaceship’s dashboard has sometimes disturbed him, but it hasn’t stopped him from briskly sorting through the options in their traditional “Last Letter” game, where words denoted instances of sound, time, and space, rather than the usual Earth cities.
A long journey is coming and it is unknown which form of matter will be encountered this time.

Written and produced by Kooscha
Remixes by Altone, DP-6
Artwork by Fold Media Collective
Write-up by A C O U S T I C S
Catalog number: SL22
released September 24, 2020

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