Heẍa o

Heẍa o


“C-o [dub]”

the 31st of july we released visuddhi (ogredung #16), composed by our virtuesman purusha, before leaving for the summer vacation. it was a weird ambient d’n’b track, with some trigging inflections brought by a style he would define as ‘ceramics’.
well our new musician hexa, from japan, is a master of idm/ambient/breakbeats, and seems to compose his music by reminding the track named above, with great deepness and emphasis, that is.
xpecially this c o [dub], astonishes us, as if a deep, melancholic melody slowly grows up from the very depths of our hearts, and once in our head, we can’t do anything but let it take us to the heavens.

Release Date: 2001/10/11

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