V.A. – Djummix 1 – Crosstown Traffic



“Djummix 1 – Crosstown Traffic”

Fasten your seatbelt!

Djummix 1 – Crosstown Traffic is presenting 10 great songs, one unlikely another, but on the other hand have got at least two things in common: they hit us like a ton of bricks and all of them are made by in Dresden based bands and artists. Some of the artists’ names may be well known for some Dresdners, but we can surely present some real discoveries, too. Furthermore we like to recommend this compilation, named after Djummi Hendrix’ song of the same title from his legendary album “Electric Ladyland”, to all the Non-Dresdners outside of the „valley“.

1 thought on “V.A. – Djummix 1 – Crosstown Traffic

  1. Hallo Steffen & MRC!
    Na ihr seid mir ja Schlingel! Lang nicht mehr gesehen und schon flix mal ein Label gestartet – Super.
    Viel Erfolg! Wir sehen uns …

    Grüße aus DD nach DD

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