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Update Dec 12, 2022

Update Nov. 20, 2022:

  • send only music that is for free of charge and freely available
  • Please use only one way to preview. So mp3-link or or bandcamp or souncloud. One source for your track is enough for a preview.
  • Please no direct download links and as few links as possible in the description text (risk of spam). Clongclongmoo is meant for the audience to come to your website and browse around.
  • If your release is still licensed under "all rights reserve", think about the fact that only with a cc license your audience will know how to share your music with others. What can you lose if you already offer your music for free?
Name of the artist, group, band or "Various Artist".
Title of the album, single, track or compilation.
Number or short cut at the catalogue of the label.
Some liner notes or a cover text to your music release.
The url to a cover picture. Please square and at least 100px x 100px ending with jpg, png or gif.
For example: ""
At least 8 characters are required.
URL to a mp3 or ogg preview file.
At least 8 characters are required.
The identifier is the last part of the release page (the shortcode after "/details/").
For example: "phoke52" at the release page ""
Link of the soundcloud site of a track or a playlist.
At least 8 characters are required.
The wordpress short code from bandcamp. Please use the size "Standard", uncheck "Show artwork" and "Show tracklist". Use link color "#cc00cc".
genre or style (required)
Choose max 3 genres or styles.
In which country do you locate the release?
Creative Commons license
Please choose one of the appropriate Creative Commons Licenses or other option.
If your label, project or artist is already represented on Mastodon, please enter your account name here. Then you will be mentioned in our feed.
Where the people can find the download link to the free release.
Where can the people find more information about the label, project or more free releases.