DK DANCE – La France Qui Tache

DK DANCE – La France Qui Tache


“La France Qui Tache “

Shoves turn to punches when DK DANCE release their 4th for D-TRASH. The band are in top form, churning out black metal riff-driven industrial punk, consistent with all their previous material – But don’t let that consistency put you at ease… DK DANCE become more lethal and explosive with every song, let alone this brand new full length. Enjoy… but don’t say we didn’t warn you.
released November 1, 2013
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Foutel + Palotta – Mandarina

Foutel + Palotta – Mandarina

Foutel + Palotta


Edgardo Palotta, clarinet, bass clarinet, Indian flute, double bass and percussion.
Ana Foutel, piano.
Gonzalo Manco, engineering and mixing.
Recorded live at Estudio Libres, Buenos Aires Argentina. February 2019.
Photo: Foutel / Peiretti
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Lamont Kohner – Beckons

Lamont Kohner – Beckons

Lamont Kohner


It’s finally Summertime, but press play, close your eyes and you’d never be able to tell. Lamont Kohner’s third single for RP lands with a roomy bass pulse and a dusty loop that slowly splits open to reveal white noise-crusted dub chords and a thumping traincar rhythm. BECKONS does what it says on the tin, with minimal side effects, drawing us into the seedy nightlife of Kohner’s noir cityscapes and neon vapors. Following the irresistible groove of BECKONS is CLOSE IT, a slightly more traditional dub techno affair, recalling the Detroit strains of Deepchord and Echospace while also conjuring a thick-as-a-brick rhythmic foundation that goes even further back to the first couple Maurizio 12″s in Germany. The whole thing congeals into that trademark Kohner shuffle, and we’re once again sitting back in a darkened taxi, window half open, smoke wafting out into the greasy streets. Falling beneath the music’s spell, you feel compelled to close the window – we’re doing something intimate in here.

SciFi Lullaby – Granular Moon

SciFi Lullaby – Granular Moon

SciFi Lullaby

“Granular Moon “

Pueblo Nuevo Netlabel is pleased to present “Granular Moon”, album from Argentinian trio SciFi Lullaby, formed by Bruno De Vincenti, Jorge Castro & Ramiro Larrain.
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MELA – Mela Two

MELA – Mela Two


“Mela Two”

Arranged and recorded on January 2nd and 3rd 2019 in room 1075 at Fredonia University.

“Mela” means to gather. We are a collective of musicians from Buffalo, Chicago and NYC that meet for the purposes of originality in a world of imposed forms.

We’re just happy to share our music. Thanks for your support! Enjoy “Mela Two”!

released June 1, 2019

“Mela Two”

Produced by Paul Sottnik, Frank Valente and Taylor Ford

album art by
Haley Flight

Paul Sottnik on Piano, Celeste, Vocals and Acoustic Guitar
Frank Valente on Vibraphone, Shaker and Electric Piano
Taylor Ford on Electric Bass and Electric Guitar
Jake Payne on Drumset

recording engineers
Tyler Will and Jaden Zhang
**They built the whole studio from scratch!**

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Carlos Sicrock – Kill Zone

Carlos Sicrock – Kill Zone

Carlos Sicrock

“Kill Zone”

released June 14, 2019

W+P: Carlos Sicrock
Mastering: Mudrost / Audioworkshop
Artwork: John Bushby

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p.stmdrn – selected early works volume II

p.stmdrn – selected early works volume II


“selected early works volume II”

Archival records of 電波系.smears beatmaker, transdimensionalist cult leader “p.stmdrn”. Volume 1 including tracks from his album I – V (2013 – 2014). Volume 2 includes VI – X (2014 – 2015).
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p.stmdrn – selected early works volume I

p.stmdrn – selected early works volume I


“selected early works volume I”

Archival records of 電波系.smears beatmaker, transdimensionalist cult leader “p.stmdrn”. Volume 1 including tracks from his album I – V (2013 – 2014). Volume 2 includes VI – X (2014 – 2015).
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Dustmotes – Dissolution Tapes

Dustmotes – Dissolution Tapes


“Dissolution Tapes”

Tracks list:

I Garden
Clay And Pot
The Deep Blue Night
The Unchanging

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Toxic Chicken – Noodle Soup

Toxic Chicken – Noodle Soup

Toxic Chicken

“Noodle Soup”

Toxic Chicken’s Noodle Soup.

free download, fun -hot and spicy, electronic, experimental, weird music!

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Floating Mind – FreeEP

Floating Mind – FreeEP
[monokrak 222]

Floating Mind


3 free WAV/MP3 tracks of deep mnml techno for monoKraK netlabel
Mastering by Dadive
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Spirit Come First – 1993 Again EP

Spirit Come First – 1993 Again EP
[MNF 032]

Spirit Come First

“1993 Again EP”

Monofónicos Netlabel presenta el nuevo proyecto de house experimental de Archaic Revival llamado Spirit Come First, donde su esencia es la música que no tiene reglas o límites en su creación.

Spirit Come First es un proyecto con una amplia gama de sonidos y texturas, desde un sonido vintage muy orientado al house que se ha revalorizado con el paso del tiempo hacia un toque acido y experimental.

Tras esto llegan los remixes de Archaic Revival, Insanity Circle y AFM, quienes nos muestra un sonido más directo hacia la pista de baile que avanza entre densas atmosferas y melodías orgánicas, en una línea para bailar.

Techno y House de mucha altura es lo que presenta este lado B de Archaic Revival, totalmente recomendado!!

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Seralola – Ep #1

Seralola – Ep #1


“Ep #1”

Saat dunia berstigma bahwa musik adalah komoditas kacangan yang dibentuk konstruksi industri….
Dan pula saat mereka tak lagi jujur akan diri…
Konsepsi khayal yang terabaikan…
Malas mencari nyata dalam awang…
Terjebak fana realita…
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Sane – Insula EP

Sane – Insula EP


“Insula EP”

it’s time for new releases ! !

we are back with great music from sane! freaky stuff…. thanks for being part of schmob

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Shekuza – De Sica

Shekuza – De Sica


“De Sica”

“The album De Sica is made using custom modular patching systems for synthesis and composition in which the analogue and the digital join hands: a continuous signal through patch cables performing analogue voltage control of an almost infinite variety of parameters and available hardware modules.

Many forms of music simultaneously existing locally and accessible in the global exchange are creating a continuum of events–geographically and historically–musical works that transcend discrete performances. Relatively differentiated musical objects (releases, labels, creators) or images of music can be ‘dequantized’ into a continuity of known and undiscovered structures. Music is continuous with everyday life from which it emerges.

The creative force on this album is sourced from personal stories and since it is part of an infinite music space, its undulations between music and noise are deeply interconnected with community, society, and politics.” (excerpt from liner notes on the USB-booklet)
released May 8, 2019

Miha Šajina · composition, recording, production
Blacklisted Mastering · mastering
Maruša Hren · USB booklet
Luka Prinčič · liner notes, design, executive production
Lina Rica · video support, source graphics
Stella Ivšek · promo design, Rentgen streaming

Thanks to Duška, Nepal and Tibet.

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The Cancel – Reply From Space

The Cancel – Reply From Space

The Cancel

“Reply From Space”

Oldie but goldie!

Tracks list:

Intro From Space
NY In Night
Lullaby From The Moon
End of The Ride
Summer Tape
Low Emotion
Street Art (Bonus Track)
4U (Bonus Track)
Space Outro

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Bleupulp – Jamasakura

Bleupulp – Jamasakura



deep’n’dub minimal techno
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DFHK – First Light

DFHK – First Light


“First Light “

Jet Dongguo
guitar, sequencer, synth, backing vocalsNicolas Wong
lead vocals, sequencer, synth

Zhang Yi
bass, sequencer, synth, backing vocals, engineering

Equipment Used: Roland MC 50, Roland R8, Roland VS8, Clavia Nordlead 2, bass, guitar, mic.

These songs were recorded in a 2-day session in the end of May 2014. The bonus track was recorded in fall 2014.

Mastering by Chris McCormack for Blacklisted Mastering, UK.

All songs by DFHK.

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Tonoptik / zll’ – Practical

Tonoptik / zll’ – Practical

Tonoptik / zll’


Second digital album in Nostress for Tonoptik from Saint Petersburg (Russia). This new digital LP “Practical” was played and recorded with the artist zll’. Organic sound of analog synthesis is presented in the form of “sound sculptures” smoothly changing in time.
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Ilia Belorukov & H̩ctor Rey Рwhssu

Ilia Belorukov & H̩ctor Rey Рwhssu

Ilia Belorukov & Héctor Rey


01 hola kyngy (09:10)
02 hassu lauri (06:00)
03 sup bilb (12:50)
04 haha? jon (06:00)ilia belorukov – fluteophone, objects
héctor rey – bass concertina, objects

recorded in bilbao in july 2017
recorded, mixed and mastered by ilia belorukov

cover by MKLMB

thanks to miguel and elena, anya, MKLMB

Linden Pomeroy – Spirit Redux

Linden Pomeroy – Spirit Redux

Linden Pomeroy

“Spirit Redux”

Spirit Redux is a set of previously unreleased tracks, 1 and 2 were outakes from Spirit Replica, 3 from Hypnos.

Recorded between 2014-2017.

Track 1 recorded at Bedford Hollow.
Track 2 and 3 recorded at Seamonster Sound by Mike Baker.

Linden Pomeroy is a musician and sound artist based in Worthing, West Sussex UK, applying field recordings, tapes, voice and treated guitars into compositions from expansive drones, to delicate ambient ballads.

Released by Pilot Eleven Netlabel (PE19) on 23 March 2019 under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license CC BY-SA 4.0.

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The Caretaker – Everywhere, an empty bliss

The Caretaker – Everywhere, an empty bliss

The Caretaker

“Everywhere, an empty bliss “


Work on ‘Everywhere, at the end of time’ was all consuming
as you can imagine. All work and no play, all work and no play.

In celebration of its completion and only for a limited time*
here is a surprise golden farewell.

Compliments of the house.

Offering you one last chance to raise a charged glass for
those we lost along the way, for all the works, for those ghosts
from our past, for our uncertain future and for The Caretaker.

You are of course welcome to purchase me a drink if you find
this work to be of personal value.

As the old saying goes “I’m the type of guy who likes to know
who’s buying their drinks, Lloyd.”

Thanks eternally for your support.

C’est fini.

thost – thost

thost – thost



tevin + ghost = thost

took a few poems and spit to produce this thing. this audiobook will help you perfect your inner child “there’s a ghost in my room hiding my shoes.”

V.A. – MaAuLa​-​o​-​rama Vol​.​2 – Exotic Potpourri

V.A. – MaAuLa​-​o​-​rama Vol​.​2 – Exotic Potpourri


“MaAuLa​-​o​-​rama Vol​.​2 – Exotic Potpourri “

10 french bands play music from the World. The new “french touch”?

Kodacrome – Aftermaths

Kodacrome – Aftermaths



released July 29, 2014
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Lay – Lay

Lay – Lay

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