IckeNoize – Schüler Der Alchemie EP



“Schüler Der Alchemie EP”

Mysterious stuff is going on with Schueler Der Alchemie EP.

IckeNoize, assisted by Chesavon and Zoli, gonna teach you ingredients of alchemistic compositions. Your education will begin with -broken slighted beats- and some training in -piano chords- shown by Chesavon. During second semester -guide trough progressive techtrance with the help of minimalistic translation- will be your major subject. Your studies will end with Zoli’s class of -basic oldschool production- and -fundamental development of basses-.

01 IckeNoize – Schueler der Alchemie (Chesavon Remix)
02 IckeNoize – Schueler der Alchemie
03 IckeNoize – Schueler der Alchemie (Zoli Remix)

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