Threepeeoh & C-Doc – SIX ONNA 7

Threepeeoh & C-Doc – SIX ONNA 7

Threepeeoh & C-Doc


Back in 2012, Tha Silent Partner came up with an ingenious way to utilize our then quite new digital fortyFive format. He decided to break the format out of the conventional one song per “side” concept. Instead he delivered six brief gems clocking in at under 12 minutes altogether… or just under 6 minutes per “side”. Thus, the SIX ONNA 7 series was born.

Since then, with Tha Silent Partner’s blessing, other artists have taken that concept and ran with it. None more than The Impossebulls’ C-Doc who has released 3 SIX ONNA 7s, second only to the originator himself. One of which featured TSP where Doc expands on the concept by making it a shared artist experience where each artist delivers one side of material.

Today, C-Doc continues that idea of the shared SIX ONNA 7. This time around he shares the spotlight with fellow Public Enemy producer Threepeeoh! In addition to his work for PE, Threepeeoh has recently produced music on DJ Lord’s (Public Enemy / Prophets of Rage) album “Afterburn”. A talented producer who brings a unique sound to the blocSonic catalog with his incredible tracks which kick off this release. Of course, the dope music only continues on the Doc side! blocSonic listeners are sure spoiled. Enjoy!

Yo C-Doc… thanks for putting Threepeeoh on! Two sides of dope music! Threepeeoh, thank you, sir! Incredible work. Welcome to the blocSonic fam!

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