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j/j – j/j
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j/j is a sound work developed by Sydney based artist Jeremy Hegge from a series of materials collected in different natural areas of Queensland, Australia. All tracks – based on field recordings – are site-specific works related with the concept of meditative listening within ecologically complex places, where it’s possible to hear fleeting traces of human activity in a fully nature-dominated soundscape.
The author lead the audience to immerse in a really rich sonic universe through eleven high quality recording pieces, in which the reconstruction of the space and the atmosphere of the sites is totally impressive. All the elements in this caleidoscopic and magnetic sonic milieu are vivid, intense and demanding, challenging the listeners to reflect upon the way we all relate with natural environments through our senses, in an time when the relationship with landscape, soundscape and territory is deeply and dramatically changing.

Notes from the artist after 2 months apart my partner and i met in queensland and travelled into the outback.
april/may, 2019

ps. much gratitude to nancy (the witch) kenway for lending us her precious honda crv

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