Hello world!

May be you have already noticed: there are are some changes on the clongclongmoo website. To speed up the page the embedded players are now accesable after a click at the cover artwork. The second aspect of this decision is a tribute to the times when I bought Vinyl and CD`s at the record shop. I was always looking for interesting artworks that makes me curious about the music first. I hope you will accept this decision also why it makes the usability on mobile devices a bit more comfortable.

Also the the section of the netlabel links and the list of labels is now updated. After discovering that most of the old labels are not alive any more I decided not to delete the entries but marked them as “dead”. Almost for all the labels I found archive pages where you still find great music. Please stay in contact with clongclongmoo where you can find almost everyday new music that is published for free. To stay informed about updates please visit the website regularly or subscribe to the mastodon channel or the rss feed. I still don’t know how long I can suffer Twitter yet – it is a strange neighbourhood.

Thanks again to all of you listeners, musicians and label managers. I’m still amazed by the diversity and the quality of so many free releases that you share with us. Keep on!

Business is not my music!

October 21, 2019