Rosa Angelini – Hay una conspiracion en la tierra

Rosa Angelini – Hay una conspiracion en la tierra

Rosa Angelini

“Hay una conspiracion en la tierra”

“Hay una conspiración en la tierra” (“There is a conspiracy in the land”) statement by activist Angela Davis, enlightens this reflective musical act, standing up for Mother Earth and Human Rights, through latinamerican indigenous women, people, and world activists voices, sounds and resistance. It is a journey and, at the same time, a discourse, moving across acoustic and electronic textures, samples, soundscapes, world music and soundtracks, accompanied by protest performance actions, ritual, chants and dances by Mapuche performer artist and activist Lorenza Aillapán, and Rosa Angelini.

This sound-research-creative work generated an intermedia piece, a multimedia collective mise-en-scene (Ritual), fusing sound-and-music, performance art in socially and politically symbolic public spaces, by a female cast and live music, mingling powerful speeches and songs by global feminist and environmental movements, calling up to defend Mother Earth, Human Rights and aborigin tribes.

This mise-en-scene was premiered in May 2019 at “2do encuentro internacional de trabajadoras de las culturas y las artes” (II International Meeting of Women Culture and Art Workers) opening, at Teatro Solís open area in Montevideo, Uruguay, using Live Cinema techniques and an international cast of 50 performer artists. It has also been staged in Chile, at Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes (National Museum of Fine Arts) frontis, Ventana-Quintero sacrificial area, and Plaza de la Dignidad, as an opening rite for International Women’s Day, March 8, 2020.

“Hay una conspiración en la tierra” is 30 minutes long. This version is a sample of the final scene (Mother Earth ritual).

Rosa Angelini.
(Santiago, junio / June, 2020)
English version by Gerardo Figueroa.

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