Luís Antero – Som​.​Terra​.​Água​/​Sound​.​Earth​.​Water


Luís Antero


After a few years of absence, Luís Antero returns to MiMi Records with another field recording record. “Sound. Earth. Water.” is the main theme that served as the soundtrack for the film made in 2020.

Quoting Carlos Alberto Augusto: “Life, the sounds of life, mark the soundscape. As long as there is life, there is sound.”

A 15 minutes track where we connect to Earth through field recordings by Luís Antero and the mastery with which he manipulates the sounds of Nature.

This is the sound of the Earth that we step on, that we feel, that we live, that we long for … This is the primordial element of the landscape, the sound. And the sound is life.

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