Pete Cogle’s Podcast Factory – PCP#692… I’ve had my Phil…..

Pete Cogle's Podcast Factory – PCP#692… I’ve had my Phil…..

Pete Cogle’s Podcast Factory

“PCP#692… I’ve had my Phil…..”

I’ve Had My Phil…with tracks …

Esma Red epova and Nune Brothers – U sitni sat [StoryAmp]
DJ Norman – Lyrical Roller
Phaeleh – Taking it Back
Hippo Sound System ft KOG & Franz Von – Love Goes Where Love Is [NYP Records]
AbiYah Yisrael- Eat Clean Live Clean (Kosher) [Chayah Studios]
Dudeldrum – Cascade (Jamendo)
D-Town Brass – Cobbler’s Dream [Bandcamp]
Hylozoists – Strait is the Gate
Telford Mining Disaster – Anything for a quiet life
Osiris4 – Deep Down [DigitalDiamonds]
Ohrwert – Soliton [Spclnch]
Chinese Man, Scratch Bandits Crew, Baja Frequencia 1 – No Man
Liquid Stranger vs Run DMC – Crush Groovin
DJ Delay – Ustunde
m1ko – bad ending [Lost Frog]
Dubanko – Gros Cookie [ODG]

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