Pete Cogle’s Podcast Factory – PCP#713… Rise Of The Robot Masters…..


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“PCP#713… Rise Of The Robot Masters…..”

Rise Of The Robot Masters…with tracks …

Mothers Talk – Civilization Of The Mind [StoryAmp]
Kosmische Clutharachán – Come Undone (Duran Duran Cover) [Bandcamp]
Dennis Bovell – I Am No Robot Master [RDX Promo]
Khöömei Beat – Dembildey [StoryAmp]
Saturnalia – Disappear [Eardrums Pop]
Bonjour Joseph – Amour amour [La Souterraine]
88756 – Replicate II [Bandcamp]
Awoga – Origins [ODG]
Dub Machinist – Floor Fish Riddim [Maree Bass]
B4 – Do pr ce [Poli5]
Mike Gruwell – Gettin’ Saxxy [StoryAmp]
Demain Sans Faute – Du lourd [Do It Youssef]
Sven Phalanx – Klangtherapie (Club Edit) [Mahorka]

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