Cutside & Trey – Tripoholic

Cutside & Trey – Tripoholic

Cutside & Trey


So who are Cutside & Trey, you ask? Well… actually… you may already know these guys. You see, back in 2020, Andrey Martinchik (Cutside) & guitarist Andrey Kruchko (Trey) released their tasty electro EP “Cyberfunk” as MBX. Today for Netlabel Day 2022 with “Tripoholic” they arrive with a new project and a unique new sound.

A hybrid of downtempo and 60’s guitar rock, Tripoholic’s three joints are all you’ll need to be hooked! Enjoy the sonic grooves.

Cutside & Trey, thank you both for preparing such a tasty EP for Netlabel Day! I look forward to hearing more.

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