For this work I used solely the sounds of a typhoon that I experienced over the summer. That day, I recorded what happened during the 24 hours from the arrival of the typhoon, then, I composed a track upon these materials.
The strong winds caused abrupt changes in the soundscape, hitting the surface of things outside. Rain washed over the streets, water flew rapidly, and insects seemed to respond to the surrounding noises with their singing.

This track was created as part of my study to understand how intensely humans and surrounding objects/beings are subjected to external natural forces. If you happen to be outside during a natural hazard, there is no way you can avoid being involved in it. Throughout human history, we have continuously tried to protect ourselves from the force of nature, but that is still an impossible task, and we always find ourselves vulnerable to it. In this work, I wanted to explore the theme of vulnerability of human existence within this world. Tufan means “rainstorm” or “flood’ in Turkish and it has its origin in Arabic, but similar words are found in many languages, including the Japanese “Taifu”.»

Recorded and assembled by Yama Yuki.

-Yama Yuki is a composer based in Japan

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