9VoltDisaster – Film Space

9VoltDisaster – Film Space


“Film Space”

This album undertakes an experimental journey through the realm of short films that have crossed my path. Its intricate melodies weave sonic landscapes that breathe life into scenarios existing solely within my dreams, mirroring the narratives of ordinary souls adrift in the vast cosmos.

As the music unfolds, it metamorphoses into a vessel, carrying listeners to distant galaxies, where shimmering starships navigate celestial highways, and the boundless cosmos beckons with its unfathomable mysteries. Within these intricate layers of sound, the memories of ordinary individuals lost in the cosmic expanse and encounters with celestial entities come to life, resembling living constellations adorning the canvas of space and time.

Film Space serves as a radiant portal to nostalgia, an auditory journey that invites us to cherish our precious planet over the relentless pursuit of new worlds, echoing the wisdom found in classic science fiction tales.

It stands as a testament to the eternal power of human imagination, where the echoes of retrofuturism resonate, encouraging us to protect our Earth and explore uncharted territories within our dreams and aspirations.

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