Corazón – Corazón – Brazilian Edits (TTRaízes Vol. 1)

Corazón – Corazón – Brazilian Edits (TTRaízes Vol. 1)


“Corazón – Brazilian Edits (TTRaízes Vol. 1)”

Please welcome the first edition of TTRaízes, our brand new series focusing on edits of Brazilian traditional music. For the grand opening, we invited our dear friend Pablo Arruda aka Corazón, bringing us 10 of his best original edits.

The idea behind the Corazón project is directly linked to the production of the edits in this release. In the attempt to find a different soundscape from the scene in which he was inserted at the time, the artist reached for Brazilian music in a way to form a unique setlist, bringing an original identity to the project.

Therefore, classical and significant music from Brazilian history were carefully selected and went through an experimental process, by studio or by live edits on stage, the songs started to be reconstructed under Pablo’s unique vision.

Originally from Francisco Beltrão in Paraná, Brazil, Pablo is a musician, DJ, and music producer. Now based in Curitiba, he was a drummer for Audac, releasing an album produced by Gordon Raphael, known for his work on The Strokes’ albums “Is This It” and “Room On Fire”. He has performed at festivals such as Popload Gig in São Paulo, Meca Festival in Porto Alegre, and FARM/Picolé at Circo Voador in Rio de Janeiro. He began presenting DJ sets at James Bar, where he was a resident for four years. As a member of GATOPARDØ, he performed at Adhana Festival editions and has five releases under the record label.

Currently, he produces events with Portal Kirin, with Kirin Sets being the main project he’s involved in.

This series will remain a hidden gem in our Bandcamp for obvious reasons. We will invite different artists with edits from different regions of the country, and each edition will come with exclusive and limited cassette tapes.

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