Akauzazte – Akauzazte Danok



“Akauzazte Danok”

Akauzazte continue to advance in the proposal raised in their previous albums, music that combines primitive and avant-garde, industrial sounds, elements of folklore euskaldun own as well as Asian and African traditional music, distortion, thunderous, disturbing acoustic passages, obsessive loops electronic manipulation techniques. Throughout the 59-minute “Akauzazte Danok” different layers of electric and acoustic guitars, multiple loops and various melodic structures evolve slowly but intensely, and weave a dense spider web that traps us We quietly and slow asphyxiation. The group creates textures that are abrasive, rough, scratchy and hard. Sound blocks and cause repeated insistently hypnotic effect while percussion, tribal in nature, underpins the framework with strong rhythms and wild force. A show of dazzling beauty and at the same time of great brutality tight and difficult compositions but also liberating and cathartic.
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