Tom Phonic – Good Luck Knowing


Tom Phonic

“Good Luck Knowing”

The futuristic, yet low-tech, metropolis is always alive. Mechanoids, automatons and robots of all sizes, shapes and colors move around constantly, sometimes crashing into each other, creating ever-evolving patterns. The city is tiny; so tiny that it can fit on the tip of a needle. Among the inhabitants there are also tiny humans, people like you and me. On sunny days, they go out to meet each other, make friends, fall in love. In the eternally changing scenery, the buzz of the city becomes their soundtrack: the whirrs of moving parts turn into leads and pads, the rhythmic sounds of switches and locks transform to complex syncopated beats and the roar of motors provides the bassline. On sunny days, the tiny people sing and dance to this soundtrack, while the entire city flows in the background.
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