tsone – Pattern Recognition



“Pattern Recognition”

Its always a pleasure to have an artist to release twice or more in the same catalogue, now is the time of Tony Obr (tsone) whose work was released a while back in this very label with that wonderful piece called A Sea Beyond Reckoning. It is worthwhile to take a listen to that very album and then confront this new instalment, pattern recognition.

Both works certainly have many nodes and connections, tsone has been able to deliver a canvas where he presents his own language, if in A Sea Beyond Reckoning it was already confirmed that effectively, tsone sounded like tsone, now we get back a new tweak on his way to understand composition, structure and timber palette. So, knowing this one can find comfort on knowing what are you about to listen.

Pattern Recognition is a tour-de-force in which Tony Obr delivers a perfectly crafted ambient music album, a piece that passes by slowly and evolves on a continuous succession of still images framed in sound. Truly a very gentle listening experience suitable for many ears and tastes.

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