Rick Tarquinio – Waves

Rick Tarquinio – Waves

Rick Tarquinio


After his wonderful release “Sending You Going” under the “The Accidental Psaltery”-moniker, “Waves” is Rick Tarquinio’s second contribution to the Resting Bell-catalogue. This new EP contains two tracks with a complete duration of 25 minutes.

The pieces for “Waves” contain minimal source material arranged accidentally. Wave 1, dedicated to John Cage, uses the sequence of notes in his last name played in different octaves and rhythms on the bowed psaltery. Wave 2 contains six ascending triads – CFG, GCD, BbCF, FBbC, GCBb & DGC – played on alto melodica. These phrases, interspersed with varying amounts of silence, were randomly looped in AudioMulch and left to interact and phase until Rick felt each piece had run its course. Other than fades and volume, no editing was done. Processing consisted of granular synthesis, delay and reverb.

His inspiration for these pieces came from watching waves and wanting to evoke something similar musically.

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