Daniel Barbiero – Not One Nor


Daniel Barbiero

“Not One Nor”

Not One Nor presents two works made of discrete events foregrounding the materiality of a large string instrument in its role as a resonating chamber. Both pieces are constructed out of a limited number of gestures and/or pitches and points on the instrument’s geography with the intention of producing an immersion in sound as material, interspersed with contrasting pauses.

Not One Nor for prepared double bass calls for shifting variations in timbre through the use of three gestures corresponding to three different regions of the instrument.

Eighteen Events for Double Bass alternates eighteen prescribed sound actions with an equal number of non-actions to create an image of the flux of aural perception.

Daniel Barbiero: composer, double bass and prepared double bass.
Composed and recorded winter into spring 2012.
Recorded in Silver Spring, Maryland USA.
Mastering by Mark Beazley.

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