Radio for the Daydreamers

“Die! Avant-Garde”

“Die! Avant-Garde” is the Third Official record by Radio for the Daydreamers. Aloof and completely detached from the ongoing triptych (Praying for the Be(a)st), this record is breathing space for our minds and concentrates on a different chaotic wile.
Including collaborations with and remixes from some brilliant artists, this record is dedicated to our fans for their continued support and love.
For those fond of meanings, looking for a story is sometimes as futile as looking for the origin of chaos. It is here and we are a part of it.

released 15 October 2012
We would like to thank M.Nomized, Seiswork, Sylphides, Teresa Tam, Cesar Naves and Axial Films for the collaborations.

01 – Wasted Faces (Seiswork Remix)
02 – Ennui
03 – Goodbye Voltaire
04 – Curl Up, Time To Die (Street Hop Remix)
05 – Phantastic Finity of Fortitude (Seiswork remix)
06 – Interzone (The Buried Barnacles of Burroughs Version)
07 – With Wings, You Will Learn To Fall (The Sylphides Deconstruction)
08 – Sky Is Dust. Thunder Crawls Like Rust.
09 – No One Ever Comes Here, But Me (Seiswork Remix)
10 – Neither Of Us Will Live On (The Burden Of Purpose Acoustic Version)
11 – Goodbye Voltaire (Without You, They Will Never Find Me)
12 – …And Neither Of Us Will Die
13 – Curl Up, Time To Die (Gentle Death Mix)
14 – Black River Time Bombs (Avenge the Usurper Remix)
15 – The Devil’s Laws

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