Nature – Forget The Theory

Nature – Forget The Theory


“Forget The Theory”

“Forget The Theory” features two arrangements and five original pieces written by Kevin Higgins for his group Nature – a quartet with voice, electric guitar, electric bass and drums. The material was honed in a dozen live performances, then recorded over two days in spring 2012. The result is an album of dark grooves, mixing techno, funk and dubstep with contemporary jazz.

In the foreground, ethereal vocals and frenzied guitar carry on an improvised dialogue. “Forget The Theory” captures the energy of their alternating conflict and cooperation. Behind them there’s tension of another kind, as club-inspired drum beats threaten to melt into jazz cross-rhythms.

This album was built off basslines: some abstract and symmetrically structured, some just funky. Either way, every tune was designed to make you nod your head. Enjoy the bouncy pulse and powerful perfomances of a young band playing with passion.

Nature is:

Georgia Cusack – voice
Chris Guilfoyle – electric guitar
Kevin Higgins – bass guitar
Tommy Gray – drums

All compositions by Kevin Higgins except “Hard Time Killing Floor Blues” by Skip James and “I Remember You” by Victor Schertzinger and Johnny Mercer. Lyrics in “Mic Check” by Kevin Higgins. Lyrics in “In The Techno Tent” and “Extraordinary Vibe” by Georgia Cusack.

Recorded by Michael Buckley. Mixed by Shane Glynn and Kevin Higgins. Mastered by Scott Halliday.

Cover photo of Taney Bridge by Jack Acecroft.

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