Marc de Blanchard – Serenade


Marc de Blanchard


Paris, November 26, 2012 – Today, eclectic label Da! Heard it Records announces the launch of its 19th release, Serenade by Marc de Blanchard.

With this EP, hybrid musician Marc de Blanchard offers the listener a sound journey between field, computer, and chamber music. Serenade is a cinematic EP marked with magic and levity, yet nostal-gic and robotic at the same time. Music boxes and cracking sounds go face-to-face, finally creating an enchanting and catchy melody. Throughout the pieces, Sérénade reminds us of the mechanical and electronic carousels, the fun fair and its lights, the forest and its fauna. And Marc de Blanchard achieves his bet to thrust us into an all-new universe of monsters, electricity, and bird songs.

After Astroboiler, and Vengeance, this 19th release fits itself into a will for eclecticism. Da! Heard it Records astonishes, thus confirming its ambition for discovery and exploration, and promising beautiful surprises in the months to come.

Distributed under Creative Commons, the EP can be downloaded here for free :