Alejandro Remeseiro – Suara Sampah


Alejandro Remeseiro

“Suara Sampah”

Suara Sampah (“Sound Waste” in Indonesian) is a 6 track work by the spanish sound artist and producer Alejandro Remeseiro. Suara Sampah is a sound artwork designed to be carefully listened with headphones; Industrial soundscapes and thrilling drones in a sound that evokes the lack of communication between human beings, the restless seeking of love, and the absurd loneliness of the contemporary world. The intention of the use of repetitive patterns of sound, low frequencies and glitches is to make the listener a bit nervous…but anyway everyone can take these sounds to use as a mirror and try to look at themselves. Maybe the image that this mirror returns to us is not very clear, nice, or even lovely … but, after all, these tracks are just sounds that, in fact, are completely harmless. Or maybe not for you. – Alejandro Remeseiro
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