John Bisset – Van Quixote


John Bisset

“Van Quixote”

British guitarist John Bisset presents a fantastic selection of his film soundtracks. Originally released on YouTube, the music has been remastered to super Hi-Fi quality.

“I sat in the sun, with the birds making merry, and played my guitar; I took refuge from the rain, wind and even snow, and played my guitar; I repaired the van, and when it was coffee time, I played. In motion, whether on foot or behind the wheel, I sang. As in any other improvising situation I had various options: to follow, to mimic, to conjoin, to oppose, to play on in spite of the racket going on around, to rest on the ambience like a ground bass, or even not to improvise at all but to play a tune… ”
For this album I have selected those pieces which stand alone without imagery.” -from John Bisset’s sleeve notes.

Available as a free download with accompanying 14 page PDF booklet, and as a numbered, limited edition double pack of DVD and audio CD.

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