Guardia – Imprints




‘Imprints’ has been three years in the making, and it really shows. Melding the progjazz meanderings of Zan-Zan-Zawa-Veia with accessible and hook laden motifs, hip-hop beats and cursory mastering of almost every genre under the sun, Guardia’s 10 track opus is full of jaw-dropping moments. From the trip-hop 5/4 swagger of ‘God Guard’ to the tropical meanderings of ‘Particu’, the driving beats of ‘Shako’ to the subtle and soft ebb of ‘Globetrotter’, every second of ‘Imprints’ is nothing short of astonishingly eclectic, emotional and ingenious.

Melding on the most part elements of pop, jazz, hip-hop, downtempo and a healthy serving of experimental thinking, Styles creates a lavish soundscape wherein every track works as a singular entity and also as a complete package; a set of tracks so strong each could individually be a single but as a whole they form a cohesive slab of vibrant, ground-breaking and breath-taking chiptune.

Stylistically unique, undeniably fresh, and magnificently ambitious, we here at TWG are incredibly proud to present what could quite possibly be the release of the year. Immerse yourself and submit~~~

01. Arks
02. Clang Clan
03. Press 5
04. God Guard
05. Particu
06. You Were Born In The Bronze Age
07. Globetrotter
08. The Titles
09. Shako
10. Salvo