The Darkening MAchine – Progression In The Haze

The Darkening MAchine – Progression In The Haze

The Darkening MAchine

“Progression In The Haze”

A new album from the mysterious project called The darkening machine. As all previous releases, this album is more about creating a mood than calling attention of itself. The listener seems to plunge into a dark, viscous and claustrophobic endless night. The darkening machine uses layers of analog synthesizers drifting sometimes to dissonant tones and melts them with spare piano notes that evoke the last apparition of sunrays just before the sunset.

Artist : The Darkening Machine
Title : Progression In The Haze
Catalog # : TXR066
Duration : 36:18
Date of release : January 29, 2014
Genres : dark ambient, drone, noise
Format : digital (FLAC and MP3)