40gradmusik – thermosphere




drum’n’bass at tonAtom.

stylish and punchy. detailed and imaginative. fascinating pads combined with melodies and licks that stay with you all day.

space drum’n’bass is not just a name. again and again you can spot the sound memories of a past future, with the synth and organ-sounds that recall the golden times of b/w scifi movies and mono radio plays. and at the same time ” thermosphere ” hints at a future that – obviously anachronistic and counter-cyclical – seems promising and desirable. simultaneously aiming at both head and feet 40gradmusik take us with them on their monorail into a future world in which outer space is next door, 40 degrees (at least for the coming summer ) are not a bad perspective and the appropriate soundtrack are inevitably the twelve tracks of thermosphere . and depending on the mood it might get relaxing (“slow -motion replay”), motivating (“above the city”) or driving(“turbo pause”) .

so: put on your jet -pack and off to the “thermosphere” we go.