TwichGarden – [KPL032] TwichGarden – “Rising Dark EP”



” [KPL032] TwichGarden – “Rising Dark EP””

[KPL032] TwichGarden – “Rising Dark EP”

1. Terra-Selena

2. Podkayne

3. Troublemaker

4. Unleashed

5. Your Beauty Will Never Fade

6. Rising Dark (As Outro)

Bio: TwichGarden (Toxic water in her chest – her body in the garden) is the one-man music project by Andrew Panfutov, working in cross-genres – ambient & idm. Leading idea of music is the mixture of mythology and sci-fi atmosphere.

About EP: Rising Dark EP is the inner conversation of different noises and voices, recorded and trapped in the tracks. It’s about endless nights, megamachine of city, and human beings within it. And it’s full of meditative female voices, which leads the listener through the dark, lo-fi corridors of pads and basslines.

W&P by Andrew Panfutov

Mastered by Vtr
Cover by Raúl G.

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