Ölü Körpe – Vol. 4 – Great Migration

Ölü Körpe – Vol. 4 – Great Migration

Ölü Körpe

“Vol. 4 – Great Migration”

Since Ölü Körpe was released their ‘Saudade’ music video (bit.ly/SaudadeOluKorpe) in January, I feels it might be similiar with his first album with full of guitar ambient. But, last week, when I was checking my email, suddenly I found that Lutfi-man behind Ölü Körpe- sent me his new album called, Great Migration. There are 5 songs included it. And something fresh from the album is the sounds that he made; Less guitar ambient and more percussive sound.

In ‘Great Migration’, Luthfi had more explore their way and approarch to make a sounds. He literally make a ‘great migration’ of his works; Moved a little bit to the sides from his usual Del Toro-ish (Guillermo, not Benicio) to be manic, awkward, and more anxious with his new approach.

You might want to use good headphones for this 5-songs journey. Luthfi put some interesting movements here and there, so that’s that.
released August 9, 2019

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