Corruttela – Corruttela

Corruttela – Corruttela



Corruttela is an Italian side-project rising from the artistic connection of Emiliano Pietrini (Globoscuro) + Edoardo Pistolesi Somigli (Edø Pistø Sømi) with the aim of exploring new sound potentialities through a 4-hands compositional approach in which the two artistic personalities are giving birth to a renovated concept, in which electronic and analogue ambient refined flows are walking arm in arm, and melt in a psychedelic and concrete “harmonious disharmony”. The 4 tracks in this first work are characterized by a heterogeneous homogeneity, mainly based on the alchemic fusion of electronic sounds intertwining with smart piano-esque bleeps, gusts of concrete noise, irrational wooden percussions, synthesizers and theremin that walk together with different kind of steps but in a stubbornly common direction. Paradoxically the panorama that opens up raves geometrically outlined visions, it is a sort of sonic poem without words which leads on a corridor with many doors and many entrances that revolve around the different cardinal points of a common caothic universe.
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