Globoscuro – Morphism of a Dream (Anthology)

Globoscuro – Morphism of a Dream (Anthology)


“Morphism of a Dream (Anthology)”

This anthology album was conceived by the founder of the project Emiliano Pietrini as a portrait of Globoscuro’s sonic path that crosses, through visionary flows and heterogeneous architectures, the river of time floating from 2001 to 2018 condensed into 3 CDs for a total of 42 tracks. The auditory experiences shrouded in it are ranging from dark ambient to the most heinous noise, crossing the musique concréte while circumnavigating a certain kind of abstract psychedelic as a reflection of a complex artistic personality in constant evolution and growth which never sees points of arrival but always new and eclectic departures towards its own indefinable individuality. The anthology also contains tracks composed in collaboration with other wonderful artists such as Ángel Sánchez Cervera aka Braghsdn, Cousin Silas, Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt, Nina Maroccolo, Lutz Thuns, Øystein Jørgensen and Peter Wullen as well as interventions by other artists and friends especially in the recitative and vowels parts such as Imi Enzyme aka Mach feedback, Ilaria Fierro, Una Lee and Serena Zingoni. The overall sound approach reflects Globoscuro’s “modus operandi” by presenting compositions of concrete and analog preponderance in which instruments such as piano, guitar, bass, synth, theremin, violin and many others non-existent tools built with bare hands merge with rarefied veins of melodies (or even better anti-melodies) of digital nature. The multiple textures allow for highly dissonant threads to be interwoven into the shape of an oneiric electro-acoustic symphony built on surrealist abstractions yet so immersed into the incandescent lava of an emotional tangiblity that seems shaped by the clay of life itlself. The anthology also contains tracks never released before and originally composed for videos or poems of artists and friends Maria Korporal, Pinina Podestà, István Horkay, Maria Grazia Galatà, Isabel Pérez Del Pulgar, Roli Hope Odeka and Faraòn Meteosès.
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