Richey Hackett – Ephemeral

Richey Hackett – Ephemeral

Richey Hackett


Long-time Vulpiano stalwart Richey Hackett returns, embellishing on his eclectic fusion of synthy alternative rock. A multiplicity of techniques – including samples, industrial electronics and even trap rhythms – undergird Richey’s lyrically reflective writing; with songs more fully-formed than ever. Highlights include Vulpiano single “Keep Your Eye On The Time” with its beautiful ambient coda, the disquieting glitches of “These Are The Voices”, and the introspective ballad “Equivocator”.

Words from the artist:

“It feels great to not only have a new album completed at last but also to have it released on Vulpiano Records once again. Feels like coming home.

In terms of the lyrical themes, Ephemeral explores the fleeting nature of being alive, the insubstantiality of social media, the death of old relationships, the reliability of memory and the realities of living with intrusive thoughts.

Musically, I wanted to move away from the standard alternative rock style that has always been my trademark. Flawed Above Bored was kind of the apotheosis of that sound and, with so much time having elapsed since that album, it felt right to go in a new direction now.

So there are elements of industrial music, electronica and even some ambient moments, in so far as I’m capable of capturing those styles. And you still get plenty of fuzzy guitars here and there! I suppose then that you could say Ephemeral represents a step forward for me musically; not quite a leap, as I still tend to gravitate towards catchy melodies, but definitely my first shift towards a different kind of music.”

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