Pk Jazz Collective – Analog

Pk Jazz Collective – Analog

Pk Jazz Collective


Этот сборник песен готовился на протяжении последних двух лет. Как всегда Pk jazz Collective обращается к классике музыкального и поэтического наследия 20-го века. В этом альбоме вы услышите новое прочтение творчества мистиков The Doors и не так давно преставившегося легендарного русского поэта Евгения Евтушенко. Пластинка получила название “Аналог”, потому что ее запись сопровождалась использованием кассетной деки, вполне определившей качество звучания в стилистике домашних проектов 80-90-х годов прошлого столетия.

This is [SCL203]
released September 15, 2019

Cover photo by Lucas Pezeta

All music and lyrics by Pk jazz Collective

«The Spy» — lyrics by The Doors
«Someone’s Calling» — lyrics by Modern English
«Со мною вот что происходит» — lyrics by Evgeny Evtushenko
«Я никто» — lyrics by Alexey Rybin
«Ask Me Why» — lyrics by Lennon-McCartney

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V.A. – Super Duper Digi​-​Punk Split Vol​.​4 : NXC Edition

V.A. – Super Duper Digi​-​Punk Split Vol​.​4 : NXC Edition


“Super Duper Digi​-​Punk Split Vol​.​4 : NXC Edition”

Kitty on Fire Records brings you the 4th installment of the Super Duper Digi-Punk Split series. You can find full releases from almost all of these artists on our label. Tracks from hardened NXC veterans as well as Cybergrind initiates. Bleep Bloop Violence is about friendship and unity. Just like Digimon! Lets meet up and play shows. Lets be cyber friends for real!


Debug My Video Game Error (Japan)
Mikau (USA)
MISS YOU / Fizzy Dino Pop (Japan)
Yatagarasu (USA)
Watabou (USA)
Senpai Suicide Club (Canada)
Heptaedium (France)
Who Stole The Cookie From The Cookie Jar (USA)
Capybara Fucking Pirate Destroyer (Russia)

Cover art by: Braverbeast

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CraftCity – Planet EP

CraftCity – Planet EP
[OMOIDE 188]


“Planet EP”

All produced by CraftCity

CraftCity (@CraftCity__) | Twitter
released August 16, 2019

OMOIDE 188 Planet EP
All produced by CraftCity
Released by OMOIDE LABEL
Catalogue Number : OMOIDE 188

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Hana Sent – Eyes Cream

Hana Sent – Eyes Cream

Hana Sent

“Eyes Cream”

“Eyes Cream” by Hana Sent open up with the syncopated percussive arpeggios of “Arctic Toys”, which introduce a slow but decisive beat, markedly eighties, before cool melodies like a gin tonic on the rocks let us enter the mood of the album. It continues with the dreamy melodic lines of the title track, which take us on a sunny Caribbean beach, complete with windblown palm trees and tortoise sunglasses. “Hanawon Nights” does the verse to a certain synth pop of the 90s, with its claps on beat and a rolling snare that charges the percussive inputs, a SID sound marimba completes the picture, assured headbanging, for the most exquisitely dancey piece of the EP. In the slow and moving body of “Body High” you find echoes of a Moby under ice, always with a splash of gin, and you can dream of a long summer sea in the west coast frequented by lovers of rollerblading. “Disco Splendydog” takes advantage of a great bass-up spin and inserts 8bit elements and fast rhythm synths, with vocal samples, fake scratches and tb303: early house, early acid, early pleasure. The EP closes with the melancholic melodies of “Kimchi Break Out”, like in dreams, which when they end leave a smile on your face but also a certain nostalgia. Thanks for the beautiful dream, Hana Sent.
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Pete Lund – Barely Nearly EP

Pete Lund – Barely Nearly EP

Pete Lund

“Barely Nearly EP”

The last we heard from Pete Lund was in February 2016 when we released his terrific uniBloc single “Subway Cameo”. Well, as you may already know, Pete takes his time to craft incredible music. When he finally does release something, you know it’s going to be worth the wait. Well, today, your wait is over!

Today, we not only have new music by Pete, we have a new EP! His first EP since the 20th Century! Let me tell you… these five songs were definitely worth the wait. Enjoy.

Hey Pete… thanks again for working with us to get your terrific music out to listeners! I’m psyched to finally be able to release an EP!

Of course, thanks once again to you for downloading & listening. We always strive to deliver the music you’ll love. Please spread the word about blocSonic, if you enjoy what we do. Remember… everything we release is cool to share! Always keep the music moving… share it… blog it… podcast it! If you’re in radio… support independent music and broadcast it!

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meleee – UN EP

meleee – UN EP



meleee(@_meleee) | Twitter

meleee | meleee jane | Free Listening on SoundCloud

YuKiMuMa (@YuKiMuMa)さん | Twitter
released August 9, 2019

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Origami Repetika – Flying Into Feelingland Tonight

Origami Repetika  – Flying Into Feelingland Tonight
[GT1140 ]

Origami Repetika

“Flying Into Feelingland Tonight “

The eleventh and final song for my single series on the Genetic Trance netlabel. Thank you Genetic Trance for giving my little weekly babies a home. <3
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Origami Repetika – Honey, I’ve Seen Worse

Origami Repetika – Honey, I’ve Seen Worse

Origami Repetika

“Honey, I’ve Seen Worse”

Ninth song in my singles series on the Genetic Trance netlabel. Has slow 3/4 timing. Simple scale-wandering melodies.
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Origami Repetika – Feathers Blown Away

Origami Repetika  – Feathers Blown Away

[GT1121 ]

Origami Repetika

“Feathers Blown Away “

‘Feathers Blown Away’ is the 8th single on the Genetic Trance netlabel. Kinda has an adult contemporary kind of feel to my ears so that’s what I wrote into the ogg tag. I like this one a lot.. though my volunteer production advisors (renoise forums/discord) have since graciously pointed out it has some muddy lows–and it does at least in my car’s speaker at higher volumes..I may go back and fix it for the album of singles or if I make another renoise playback vid. but there’s a chance I might not since it already sounds great on headphones. Regardless, one of my favorite among the recent bunch. I’m thankful for how it turned out.
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Origami Repetika – With Our Hidden Agendas

Origami Repetika  – With Our Hidden Agendas

Origami Repetika

“With Our Hidden Agendas”

One of the songs that I don’t quite have the voice for and would want another vocalist to step in and give it the kind of vocals the track seems to need. Nevertheless, it was fun to compose and I delivered the best vocals I could

and try again and again
the lesson plan has always
been locked inside
you knew you’ve been ready
for anytime anywhere
and I surely want to see you there

out of our mind into their heads
we’ll be there with our hidden agendas

stand firm
and brave the smirks that they shoot
their aim is off
they were grumpy since morning
you’re strong and know the secret I know
you won’t have to stay they can be the
ones to go

so much for home advantage
we’ll be there already pouring in love
the love they wanted but never knew
it was always growing among them
all this time

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Yumenoma – Instant 0 in the Universe

Yumenoma – Instant 0 in the Universe


“Instant 0 in the Universe”

Sweet, mellow and carefree, Instant 0 in the Universe is a short indie pop EP by Japanese project Yumenoma.
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Harley Cream – Hexenplatz EP

Harley Cream – Hexenplatz EP

Harley Cream

“Hexenplatz EP”

Artist: Harley Cream
Title: Hexenplatz
Cat: GAY005
Genre: Super hot out of this world magical cream style
Runtime: 7:46 minGAY super star Harley Cream is back with an amazing bewitching EP ready to haunt you with sheer amaze-balls full of extraordinary music! Filled with mysterious spells, uniqueness and enough fired up fire in his soul; the unbeaten talent brings you to the Hexenplatz. It’s the intriguing place that covers wide arrangements, complete unexpectedness, graveyard party times and bewildering magnificent magical moments! No Viagra could ever make you more rock hard than the material captured on this hot collection of must have material! Super HOT!

Toxic Chicken – Noodle Soup

Toxic Chicken – Noodle Soup

Toxic Chicken

“Noodle Soup”

Toxic Chicken’s Noodle Soup.

free download, fun -hot and spicy, electronic, experimental, weird music!

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origami repetika – winged creatures

origami repetika  – winged creatures

origami repetika

“winged creatures “

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AAVV – Otto Anni e non vederli VOL 1 (2011-2019)

AAVV – Otto Anni e non vederli VOL 1 (2011-2019)


“Otto Anni e non vederli VOL 1 (2011-2019) “

AAVV – Otto Anni e non vederli VOL 1 (2011-2019)

Nuovo capitolo EPHEDROSO per il Laboratorio, per questi OTTOANNI passati sotto i ponti partecipano personaggi già visti e non…. che continuano a tracciare tracce per il LABORATORIO.

Affezionati che confermano la loro vista utopistica ed il loro pensiero sognante di un nonluogo, dove tutti producono, dove tutti ascoltano e soprattutto dove tutti condividono beandosi dei numeri e del piacersi sbrodolandosi addosso ad ogni costo.

Spero la storia vada avanti per millenni, anzi per MINUTI e secondi… pratica quelli che darete al vostro cervello per spingere PLAY e buttarvi in queste 12 TRACCE.


Nel VOLUME UNO ascolterete molto TRIPHOPaBstraCTbeATSFUTUREsoundIntimiSTa!!

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DFHK – First Light

DFHK – First Light


“First Light “

Jet Dongguo
guitar, sequencer, synth, backing vocalsNicolas Wong
lead vocals, sequencer, synth

Zhang Yi
bass, sequencer, synth, backing vocals, engineering

Equipment Used: Roland MC 50, Roland R8, Roland VS8, Clavia Nordlead 2, bass, guitar, mic.

These songs were recorded in a 2-day session in the end of May 2014. The bonus track was recorded in fall 2014.

Mastering by Chris McCormack for Blacklisted Mastering, UK.

All songs by DFHK.

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Yris – Histoire Naturelle

Yris – Histoire Naturelle


“Histoire Naturelle”

Yris is a 25-year-old french singer-songwriter. She released her first song on the internet in 2010, when she was a teenager.

After a first album studio “The riverside”, she released another one recently : “Histoire Naturelle” came out on April, 19th 2019.

“Histoire Naturelle” is the second album studio by Yris. The lead single “On s’en va” is successful on Soundcloud (more than 135 000 streams with Freebackgroundmusic).

The next single taken from this album will be : “Perdue Ft. Bthelick”.

Good listen to you ;)

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Lang – Attraversando Lo Specchio

Lang – Attraversando Lo Specchio

Kodacrome – Aftermaths

Kodacrome – Aftermaths



released July 29, 2014
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Demonic Sweaters – audio The Two Thousand Eighties

Demonic Sweaters – audio The Two Thousand Eighties

Demonic Sweaters

“audio The Two Thousand Eighties”

The Two Thousand Eighties is a collection of song created between 2016 and 2018 by Demonic Sweaters. They range from ambient, chiptunes, experimental, rock, pop, and features live drums on several tracks, and plenty of synths.
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Split: Gr̩goire Bruno / Gerard Jugno 106 РUncasquette EP

Split: Gr̩goire Bruno / Gerard Jugno 106 РUncasquette EP

Split: Grégoire Bruno / Gerard Jugno 106

“Uncasquette EP”

Recorded live @ Genèva, L’Ecurie
released January 16, 2019Merci à Pompon, Jeanne, Jennyfer
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Melinda & Maciek – Jazz Frit

Melinda & Maciek – Jazz Frit

Melinda & Maciek

“Jazz Frit”

Melinda & Maciek is a project started in February 2018 thanks to an accidental Instagram connection between 2 musicians. Melinda Ligeti is a composer/singer/multiinstrumentalist/arranger/producer from Serbia, living in Italy, while Maciek Cieslak is a drummer from Poland, living in France. It all started with Melinda’s old wish to write music based on a bare drum track. Maciek happened to have some ready, recorded drumparts that he sent to her, and she used them to build music upon it, using piano, synth and bass. It was an experimental approach to composition Melinda always wanted to try, and it finally happened. The result is 4 songs, mixing jazz, prog, fusion, chillout, contemporary… imagined as a mini album, giving the taste of what this project might become if developed further. 3 of them are instrumental, and one is also involving Maciek’s vocals that got caught on microphones while recording the drumpart, a selfironic song that makes fun of the hardship of singing and playing at the same time, in his native Polish language. Jazz Frit is a symbolic title for this album, for the fact that musicians involved are living in (Fr)ance and (It)aly, but also, and so much more, for the meaning of frit word, which by Oxford dictionary definition is the mixture of silica and fluxes which is fused at high temperature to make glass, plus – according to urban dictionary means intoxicating/exciting, as well as ligthly fried.
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Santi – Music, the only Way Remixed

Santi – Music, the only Way Remixed


“Music, the only Way Remixed”

Santi’s original “Music, the Only Way” tells a playfully dystopian story: “In a not so far away retro-future, a group of self-aware, compassionate robots have taken upon themselves the task of resolving humanity’s oldest paradox: its tendency for endless destruction and chaos despite its longing for boundless creativity and joy.

After a thorough examination of humanity’s greatest attempts and defeats, they have come to a consensus. All other previous paradigms and executions have failed. Music is the only way to save the humans”.

In this special compilation which marks the 50th release of Tropical Twista Records, five stunningly diverse producers come on board and recreate their unique renditions of Santi’s dark yet light-hearted space odyssey.

Acknowledgments: Santi extends his special thanks to Ivan Palmegiani for his tasteful curation of this compilation.

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The Neptune Project (feat. Bvitae) – Aversive

music merch subscribe   The Neptune Project (feat. Bvitae)  – Aversive

The Neptune Project (feat. Bvitae)


MalLabel Music is elated to be welcoming back one of our favourite high end, intelligent producers Aversive with another beautiful expedition of trip hop glory.

Long creating magic in her studio in the misty mountains of British Columbia, a lack of distraction clearly plays to her benefit as she has churned out 12 releases over 3 years, with The Neptune Project being one of the most refined and cerebral productions yet. The decision to pair with another Canadian gem Bvitae has elevated Aversive’s sound to a new range of symphonic mastery.

‘The Neptune Project’ is in essence, a breath of absolute fresh air. Orchestral horns, chilled out snares and soothing, feminine vocals weave through a sultry and mature lounge of modern ​kaleidoscopic jazz. The EP is decidedly smooth and extremely well produced, a meeting of time and place. How can a sound establish itself at once at the absolute forefront of the west coast’s future scene and in smokey east coast venues of 1990’s Massive Attack mayhem? Aversive and Bvitae have managed to break through to quantum experimental levels that feel familiar and yet so incredibly new.

Goodbye bro-step, later big-room bass; there’s a new movement of gentle, refined electronica arriving and Aversive and Bvitae are sensuously leading the revolution.

Artwork by Michael Benz
Mastering by Chris Cox

Steel Drama – Steel Drama

Steel Drama – Steel Drama

Steel Drama

“Steel Drama”

A dense darkness lifts your soul to sink into a velvety oblivion. Perhaps a little exaggerated, but in a way it could approach the definition that Steel Drama would give to their own productions. With this first EP entitled as themselves, Steel Drama are presented with four tracks of dark, epic and cinematic electronic music. Relax, turn off the light, turn up the volume and let yourself go.
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Rocky Controlo – R​.​S​.​A (Rythmes Sévèrement Addictifs)

Rocky Controlo – R​.​S​.​A (Rythmes Sévèrement Addictifs)

Rocky Controlo

“R​.​S​.​A (Rythmes Sévèrement Addictifs)”

A la mémoire de Ana Prr Prr Perdoba
released October 3, 2018Jean Rembarde : Vocals, Lyrics, FL Studio,Composition and Programming,
Claude Biscuit : Vocals, Lyrics, Philosophy, Artwork and respect

Ingénieur du Son : Jean Capdevieille
Mixage : Jean Rembarde, except “Justificatif” (no mixage)
Enregistré à New York, USA

DX11 sur Systems Of Love – Jean Rembarde

Enfermé Dans Le Gard – 2013
Systems Of Love – 2012
Des Devoirs Et Des Droits – 2015
On Est Chez Nous – 2011/2018
Jupiter vs DX7 – 2018
RMI Sans Famille – 2018
La Pena – 2010
Tete Dans Le Cul – 2012/2018
Cherchez La Couleur – 1998/2015

“Cherchez La Couleur” contains un sample of “Cherchez La Lumière” by Solar Quest. Le morceau est une réadaptation à la nouvelle sauce Rocky d’un vieux morceau de Rocky Controlo à l’époque de ses premiers essais (1998). Le Morceau s’appellait “Tiger’s Eye”. Réalisé avec Lucy Pons. Il y avait des dessins de pochettes provisoire à ce sujet, il reste encore à les retrouver.

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