Rog – Reborn EP

Rog – Reborn EP


“Reborn EP”

Rog has been off in releasing music, but has not stopped producing. Here comes his new EP. “This EP is quite personal. It took me a while to actually decide to put it out there, over the last years dance music has become quite generic and I took a long step back to reevaluate all the electronic music that has influenced and has impacted my life in certain period in my personal history so I wanted to put together the simple, the spiritual and the hard kind of trying to understand how the universe work in sounds. The concept of the album is bringing some trance and atmospheric elements to the dance floor a feel-good meditation trough sounds hypes, lows, and middle energy waves I wanted to bring some sort of innocence perhaps naiveness that I used to have in my early raves years and share that same feeling.”
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