♡u∫agi幻覚∀∁ⓛᙌ✬ – ᏕคᏁᎶᎧ

♡u∫agi幻覚∀∁ⓛᙌ✬ – ᏕคᏁᎶᎧ



It is with great pleasure that eerik inpuj sound presents ᏕคᏁᎶᎧ, by the secretive and anonymous project ♡u∫agi幻覚∀∁lᙌ✬.

♡u∫agi幻覚∀∁lᙌ✬’s art and music are merged with the purpose of healing the earth and humans, leading them to an extraordinary space experience through this fusion. Usagi collects material from the earth, fuse dynamic lines, and use unconventional materials and music for artistic experiments. You can enter their world through social networks.

“Sango” means ‘coral’ in Japanese. The work expresses mysterious elements of the deep sea, the colorful colors of the corals, and the heartbeat of life symbolized by water.

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