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Laurent Fairon


Hi, there,

Maybe you’ll fing something to your tastes in my new project QUIRKS:

The blurb:
The QUIRKS mini album combines various scattered audio remains –vinyl detritus, found sounds and spoken word– to produce new sound chimeras and audio collages with a life of their own.

The QUIRKS concept and methodology were inspired by a famous US boardgame from the 1980s, where cards of various animal parts combine to create new, imaginary creatures – the cover artwork chosen for this Bandcamp album intended to emulate the mood as well.

This project is also indebted to US provocateurs Bill Buchanan and Dickie Goodman, who pioneered the “break-in” record in the 1950s, or plunderphonics avant la lettre.

L.F.: vinyl, found sounds, loops, artwork


Laurent Fairon

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