Toni Dimitrov – Bucharest Sketches

[GFR, 129]

Toni Dimitrov

“Bucharest Sketches”

Toni Dimitrov – Bucharest Sketches (GFR, 129)

This is the fifth in the series of field recordings albums from the field recordist and sound artist Toni Dimitrov dedicated to a city. After the field recordings from Athens (released on Green Field Recordings), Milan and Ioannina (released on Auriculab), and Belgrade (released on Silber Records), this time the sketches are recorded in Bucharest during his stay in Romania for field recordings residency in the Danube delta, in the summer of 2019. In the piece you can hear the recordings from the Bucharest streets, parks, the noise from the rain, fountains, etc., interweaving subtly, blurring the line between field recording and sound art.

Toni Dimitrov

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