6P3S – space techno

6P3S – space techno


“space techno”

A compilation from the days, when the soldering iron would be left on at night. Noises of the past coming through crackling cables, originating from self-oscillating handmade devices. And a long-forgotten vacuum triode – 6P3S.

Music was not what got the party started – amplifiers did. They were the very first devices I’ve made and one of those utilized that particular triode. Then came a vacuum tube multivibrator oscillator. Once I heard a sound originate from a couple of parts connected by wires, I got inspired to go further.

The next device is still being used today – a ten-step analog sequencer. It gave rise to techno beats in my music, which heard throughout the album, transformed those abstract modular noises into a space, to be filled with movement.

Let’s go.

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