TKno BeurK – Coronavirus World Tour

TKno BeurK – Coronavirus World Tour

TKno BeurK

“Coronavirus World Tour”

The full album Coronavirus World Tour is available in free download here Strange mix between electropunk noise rock like ButtholeSurfers and psychedelic triphop like Portishead and experimental electro ethnic like Muslimgauze… indeed this may be mostly post-industrial music

Don’t miss the two extra tracks :
A redux version of “Capitalism is the Virus” on The World is Over! work in progress metacompilation.
And an extended version of “Virus Last Call” on amazing Virus metacompilation ANDREAS 24

This album is dedicated to all the victims of the Coronavirus, and to all the medical staff who fight covid-19 all over the world. Especially the french ones, because few months ago while struggling for less worst work conditions they were beat and hurt by the french cops.
We will not forget how aweful is the france governement.
So much blood on their hands…
All track recorded by Ed End in March 2020 at the Cave Haven in Foucherans
and upgrade (²)by Alain Grille at the Studio 112 in Dole till the fall of may 2020.
All the TKno BeurK music is free to download here

Our main project is Multiple Personality 3
Our side project is PIRATE Tapes

Artwork is a deriv of this article illustration

Video Art Clip
or here

In 1334 in the Hubei province started the Black Plague.
In 2019 in the Hubei province started the COVID -19 pandemic.

“Capitalism is the Virus” is not our idea, it comes from the street culture, and it’s so obvious these days that we were very happy to create a song with. While neo liberalists, or whatever the name we give to the believers of this system are isolating us. Solidarity come from the people and I hope tomorrow together we will save the world out of their dirty hands.

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