MOHER – Antropoceno Auto​-​Infligido

MOHER – Antropoceno Auto​-​Infligido


“Antropoceno Auto​-​Infligido”

Joana Moher only grants us a one-way ticket on a trip that will be ours alone, everything we find, whether abstract or objective, is something that only we keep inside. On the launching pad, the viewer has to disconnect from what he sees to start feeling what is going on inside him.

Microseconds of life memorized and stored in the depths of our daily lives. Some of which we can unveil in the projections that our thinking makes throughout this experience.

A psychedelic work in abstraction, geometric in error, sublime in mantra. Outdoor and everyday recordings that are stitched and manipulated for the purpose of flashback, retention or repression of our attention as an active receiver of our daily lives.

MAI 2020

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